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File: oUF_Diablo05-01-09
party frames buffs
Posted By: sk3nt
Hey Zork, I really appreciate the work you've done to give us this awesome addon. Right now I have just some questions: Is there any way to enable certain Buffs to show up in the Party Frames (like Powerword: Shield, Preyer of Mending or Renew). Thank you sk3nt -edit- Oh I forgot to ask how I can enable the happiness of my P...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-19-09
Move Chatframe
Posted By: sk3nt
Hi Zork, first of all I have to thank you a lot for this compilation... you saved my a hell lot of work =) well i just have a minor question: is there anyway to move the chatframe ( especially the combat chat) because it covers partially the orbs. Thank you for your help Mike --- never mind, figured it out after all ^^