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File: Altoholic12-17-09
Ashen Verdict
Posted By: Darkspell
It is not showing The Ashen Verdict faction. The data plugin has it listed.
File: ForteXorcist09-03-09
Summon Assistant
Posted By: Darkspell
Mine does not seem to be working anymore. It does not show those folks that are not in zone or are farther than 30 yards. I have reset my wtf, clicked the diff filters. I can summon a portal etc, just does not track any names.
File: Broker_HitCrit06-23-09
Open up Broker_HitCrit.Lua Find Li...
Posted By: Darkspell
Open up Broker_HitCrit.Lua Find Line 831 "tooltip:SetAutoHideDelay( 2, self )" Change the 2 to whatever you want but NOT 0 or it will not disappear. I use .01 and it is pretty instant. Originally posted by Whatever4ever I second that, it's rather annoying.
File: ForteXorcist04-22-09
Thanks!! Though I had added it to t...
Posted By: Darkspell
Thanks!! Though I had added it to the Forte_Timer.lua. Also.. for those of you that love the jousting and want the Defend timer on the bar, it is spell number 62552. Originally posted by Xus For those who are now missing the Life Tap buff: ForteWarlock.lua line 103: FW:RegisterBuff(63320); -- glyph of life tap buff chan...
File: LilSparky's Workshop04-19-09
I keep getting: \lilsparkyworkshop...
Posted By: Darkspell
I keep getting: \lilsparkyworkshop.lua:990: attempt to index global 'atsw_skilllisting' (a nil value) over and over every time I open a tradeskill window. Both addons are up to date.
File: Broker_TradeCooldowns12-01-08
Does not show Ebonweave, Moonshroud...
Posted By: Darkspell
Does not show Ebonweave, Moonshroud, Spellweave
File: QuesterJester11-18-08
Tooltip does not show
Posted By: Darkspell
Well, it does not stay shown. When I mouseover an item, the mini tooltip flashes up and off before I can even see what it says. Does not happen with anything else besides QJ.
File: GoGoMount10-25-08
Feature Request
Posted By: Darkspell
Since I have lots of mounts primarily for the achievement and some I have no interest in every using, I would love to see a way to disable a mount or even better, assign percentages so my most favorite mounts get used more often but I still get a variety. A mod I use called minipet does this for pets. I guess I could just comment...
File: MoveAnything10-22-08
Originally posted by gezus Been u...
Posted By: Darkspell
Originally posted by gezus Been using Move anything for Ages, and it's definately on the "Must have" survival mods list for me. My question is regarding the Achievement Popup frame. (little box that pops up when you complete and achievement) .. Due to how I have my buttons and Unit frames layed out .. I need to move this .. but...
File: QuesterJester10-21-08
Feature Request
Posted By: Darkspell
I would like to suggest an option to use the shift key to open the bar. It is distracting that it opens every time you hover over it. Thanks.
File: QuesterJester10-16-08
Missing Items
Posted By: Darkspell
Quite often, not all items register. For instance, Arcane Charges from the 'The Air Strikes Must Continue" daily. Any way to force one to load? I have tried opening and closing the bags with no result.
File: GoGoMount10-16-08
Posted By: Darkspell
: GoGoMount-0003000104\GoGoMount.lua:692: GoGo_Panel_GenericFastFlyer:SetPoint(): trying to anchor to itself GoGoMount-0003000104\GoGoMount.lua:692: in function `GoGo_Panel_OnLoad' :"*:OnLoad":1: in function <:1> --- : GoGoMount-0003000104\GoGoMount.lua:716: attempt to index global 'GoGo_Panel_DisableUpdateNotice' (a...
File: Pawn10-14-08
DK scale
Posted By: Darkspell
Anyone have a decent scale for unholy DK?
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-07-08
Nothing shows up
Posted By: Darkspell
Put in bug tab.
File: Fortress09-22-08
Just installed this. So far I love...
Posted By: Darkspell
Just installed this. So far I love it but... getting this error: : Fortress-1.0\Options.lua:489: attempt to call global 'InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToFrame' (a nil value) Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3189: in function `ChatEdit_ParseText': Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2909: in function `ChatEdit_SendText': Interface\Fram...
File: NugRunning09-15-08
Posted By: Darkspell
I keep getting the following: : NugRunning\trackings.lua:455: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) NugRunning\trackings.lua:455: in function `GenTracks' NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:25: in function `?' NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:4: in function
File: eXPeritia09-13-08
Love the addon. Love the fact I can...
Posted By: Darkspell
Love the addon. Love the fact I can move it now.. but.. stays unlocked even after you close the config page. I am constantly dragging it around accidentally. Thanks though.
File: Simple Buff Bars09-07-08
non wrath version? Been using th...
Posted By: Darkspell
non wrath version? Been using the same version all along. edit: nevermind.. I am an idiot.. wrong version.. oops
File: Simple Buff Bars09-07-08
Was working fine. Now it does not....
Posted By: Darkspell
Was working fine. Now it does not. Only tracking shows. I deleted the old files, deleted the savedvariables. : SimpleBuffBars-$Revision: 765 $\SimpleBuffBars.lua:752: attempt to call global 'GetPlayerBuff' (a nil value) SimpleBuffBars-$Revision: 765 $\SimpleBuffBars.lua:865: in function `PLAYER_AURAS_CHANGED' SimpleBuffBars-$Rev...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar09-05-08
I have waited a WHOLE DAY. Wher...
Posted By: Darkspell
I have waited a WHOLE DAY. Where is the WotLK version? hehe Seriously though.. I am waiting anxiously. I need to make a timer for my pet since it despawns after 3.5 minutes and no timer shows on it. Sucks when you go to attack an elite and your pet disappears. Will it have the same functionality for that as NECB did? i.e. cust...
File: SmartBuff09-02-08
Posted By: Darkspell
Would like to see Path of Frost and Bone Shield added. Thanks for the great work!
File: Blazing Saddles08-23-08
Posted By: Darkspell
This is the macro I use. Works perfectly. /mountrandom rocket, machine; dreadsteed, ram /dismount If you are in a flyable area, you get a random mount from the list before the ; If you are in a non-flyable area, it randomizes the mount from after the ;
File: FuBar 3.6.508-22-08
Fubar Broken in latest beta build of WotLK
Posted By: Darkspell
I think it is probably the librockconfig. When you mouse over an fubar addon text, it lists a different one in the tooltip. Most things do not load or if they do load, they change positions every time. Some show, some don't. Etc. edit 8/30: It is just too broken to use in Beta atm. I have had to switch to titan (shiver). Ho...
File: RedRange08-18-08
Does NOT work in WotLK Beta I am...
Posted By: Darkspell
Does NOT work in WotLK Beta I am using Dominos.
File: Paw Prints08-18-08
This mod will mess up quests where...
Posted By: Darkspell
This mod will mess up quests where you have to have a pet to do a quest etc, would be nice to have some sort of way to deactivate it temporarily. Just dismissing does not work, it will still resummon.