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File: ArtPad06-12-09
Re: Re: incompativility v5 -> v6
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FYI, we had the same problem. We had the guild upgrade to V6, and no one could see what the RL or assists were drawing, so we had to have everyone go back to V5. Originally posted by Dust I don't understand. /ap show will show the frame, I didn't change the code for that. The only change is that v6 can ignore non-raid leaders o...
File: Power Auras Classic04-20-09
Originally posted by mdtsandman I...
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Originally posted by mdtsandman I have downloaded the latest version of power auras from both curses and wowinterface but cannot get it to work since patch 3.1 went live :( When I type /powa to bring up the interface as I have always done in the past, the command is not recognized. Anyone else having this problem? Did you...
File: Ackis Recipe List02-14-09
Ignore List
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If you use Alt-Click to ignore a recipe, how do you get it back?
File: EquipCompare01-19-09
Sometimes people forget that it tak...
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Sometimes people forget that it takes a lot of work to make these add-ons, AND to make them available to us, the gamers. Just wanted to drop a note to say that you have a great mod, and thank you for all your hard work. PS - And this DOES do MUCH more than the default UI