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File: Wowhead Garrison Timer QR Code11-25-14
There's no button for it in UI, pro...
Posted By: Pax0707
There's no button for it in UI, probably clashes with some other garrison addon.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-24-13
I switched to LDB Friends and LDB G...
Posted By: Pax0707
I switched to LDB Friends and LDB Guild till this gets fixed.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends06-08-13
/dump RAID_CLASS_COLOR gives nil....
Posted By: Pax0707
/dump RAID_CLASS_COLOR gives nil. Eu English client. 189x Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends.lua:502: attempt to index local "color" (a nil value) Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends.lua:502: in function Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends.lua:854: in function Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends....
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends06-01-13
Friend windows is same as guild window...
Posted By: Pax0707
No LUA errors, just duplicates guild part.
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills05-26-13
CD resets
Posted By: Pax0707
Any update on this?
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-31-12
Posted By: Pax0707
For some reason I can't see location info for Diablo players in my list (Act X, In menu etc). SC2 works fine.
File: MicroMenu12-16-10
My icons in FuBar are all blow up i...
Posted By: Pax0707
My icons in FuBar are all blow up in proportion.
File: OneBag310-29-06
BC version
Posted By: Pax0707
Any chance of you making it compatible with TBC beta? It kills me to use default bags!
File: OneBag308-28-06
OB and SCT
Posted By: Pax0707
Yeah apparently there's a problem with onebag and sct.