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File: QuestGuru08-14-09
Re: Re: no more announcer
before the patch if you went into the options for the announcer it was auto populated with the text that you needed. after the patch it is no longer in there is why i asked what it was that you had typed in there Originally posted by mrobrian Nothing has changed with the announcer for a while, so I'm not sure what you are aski...
File: QuestGuru08-05-09
also getting this error when i change from quest to achievement list Error: attempt to compare number with nil AddOn: QuestGuru_Tracker File: QGT_Achievements.lua Line: 525 Count: 15
File: QuestGuru08-05-09
no more announcer
with the updated version and ty btw very nice addon there is no longer the ability for it to announce completions. I thought i had an older version saved and was just going to move it over but couldnt find it could you plz post here for what the text should say or reimplement that. thanks in advance =)