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File: Caith UI01-21-10
I've always been a huge fan of the...
Posted By: Pewpewlazer
I've always been a huge fan of the pieces you put together, and I wanted to thank you for that first, and normally I have almost no problems with the install and setup of your UI's. But with the latest version I cannot seem to get the texts to show up on the Unit Frames, there isn't any name on any of the Pitbull frames, or in the KG...
File: oUF_Pazrael01-22-09
Regarding Raid Frames
Posted By: Pewpewlazer
First of all, I really like how you've got this set up! Now on to my questions. I am no good at poking around in the lua file and changing things to correctly work. First of all - I don't want the raid frames that this comes with showing, I use grid as a healer and it feels like it clutters it up a bit. Now I went through the code...