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File: Quick Auctions 312-02-09
QA Queue
Posted By: acariquara
Is there a way to buy the reagents at the vendor in QA queue? Like, clicking the reagent on the queue and automatically buying them?
File: QuestHelper03-23-09
How about: 1. Put an "about" box...
Posted By: acariquara
How about: 1. Put an "about" box (in the new Addon Management interface) with a link to www.quest-helper.com for "support issues" 2. Notify the user about updates (a la BigWigs), educating them to get it from the site and not from WowMatrix Or 3, rent/get a free IPB forum and require registration to download the addon, without...
File: Skillet01-24-09
Inscription fix...
Posted By: acariquara
in SkilletStitch module... -- Workaround for missing items in the Periodic table library that local _,_,id = string.find(reagentlink, "|Hitem:(%d+):") id = tonumber(id) if id == 30817 or id == 4539 or id == 38426 or id == 2593 or id == 34412 or id == 39502 or id == 10648 or id ==...