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File: ArkInventory03-06-10
@markv I had this same error, but...
Posted By: Arctae
@markv I had this same error, but after restarting WoW, it cleared up, and I've created all sorts of custom categories.
File: Altoholic02-20-09
Re: Re: Re: Altoholic Windows Empty of Data
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by Isidorius I should've mentioned this - relogging entirely also didn't fix it. :) Not hundreds, only maybe a dozen and some. Here's the kicker... - Loaded game, noticed Altoholic wasn't displaying info. - Tried /console reloadui - no change. - Exited game, restarted - no change. - Exited game, removed S...
File: Altoholic02-18-09
You rock!
Posted By: Arctae
I just wanted to say thanks for all your work on Altoholic. This is a wonderful mod, and thank you for listening to us and incorporating suggestions!
File: Altoholic11-15-08
RE: Altoholic Display Blank
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by Thaoky @Arctae: which version are you using ? and in which language are you playing ? If nothing is displayed, there must be a lua error, make sure you display them (wow options) and let me know what error you get. For your original problem, you could have right-clicked on a char to delete it in the addon, b...
File: Altoholic11-15-08
Altoholic Display Blank
Posted By: Arctae
I am not sure what happened, but Altoholic is now not showing any display in the main window. I get the interface to display, I can click tabs and make selections, I can even search (and it says it returns results), but I can not see anything in that main window. I do not get any UI errors. I even tried turning off all other add...
File: Altoholic10-30-08
Suggestions / Requests
Posted By: Arctae
Altoholic has become one of my favorite mods, and it has to be the most helpful when dealing with my characters. I really like the ability to see in a recipe tooltip which characters need / know it. I used Book of Crafts in the past for that functionality, but have had issues with it, and the integrated display with Altoholic is be...
File: Altoholic10-16-08
Feature Request
Posted By: Arctae
I love using Altoholic to track all my characters info, with the new 3.x support, it's even more amazing than it was before! I love being able to see my pets and mounts, but how possible would it be to put them in a list with check marks like the achievements, reputations, skills, etc. are listed currently? I'm not sure what kind...
File: ChatSettingsFix (Patch 2.4)05-15-08
Re: Re: 2.4.2
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by Tekkub It appears fixed to me... I am still having the problem as well.
File: BetterFriends06-29-07
Re: @Arctae
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by Warloxx Well the settings of BetterGuild will be saved per GUILD, so you must only configure the guild-alts with one of your chars. If your Friendslist is nearly the same at every alt then you can do this: Go online with one of your alts and configure BetterFriends. Then shut down WOW and go to the folder W...
File: BetterFriends06-29-07
A Request
Posted By: Arctae
I have a full friends list, as well as a guild with ~380 characters, and many of us (in both guild and friends) have multiple characters (I am an alt king! ;)) That is one of the reasons this mod seemed so interesting to me. So, I went through and set up BetterFriends on one of my guys, and started doing some of the guild character...
File: AuldLangSyne06-28-07
BetterFriends / BetterGuild Support
Posted By: Arctae
I just loaded up BetterFriends (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=7314) and BetterGuild (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=7315), and they don't work to add notes with AuldLangSyn :( I posted a note on his side as well, because I'm not sure exactly where the support would need to come from,...
File: BetterFriends06-28-07
AuldLangSyn Support
Posted By: Arctae
Would be nice if this (and BetterGuild) worked with AuldLangSyn (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=5320). I'm going to post a similar comment on his section as well, since I'm not sure who would need to do the code to support. But, so far, this looks like a very nice mod!
File: LightHeaded06-08-07
Re: Re: http://wow.allakhazam.com/
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by Cladhaire Unfortunately, not at this time. I'll look into it in the future. I know this is your mod (which I think is a wonderful thing!), but just to throw my 2c in, I think adding Alla's comments (or Thott's for that matter) would be counterproductive. IMO WoWHead, overall, has better quality comments,...
File: WeaponRebuff 3.402-13-07
Re: Rogue Poison 60+
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by done Hi, I love this Addon. But it seems like rogue poison like "Deadly Poison VI" is not yet supported. When you find time, I would appreciate if you could release a new version. Thanks! :) done I was looking for this as well, and I finally decided to check and see if I could do it myself. :...
File: MSBTCooldowns01-19-07
My wife and I both get those errors...
Posted By: Arctae
My wife and I both get those errors after training as well... It seems logging out and back in will fix them.
File: Aura Aspects continued01-09-07
Priest Support
Posted By: Arctae
@Elnarfim, Thanks for adding priest support! :) I can't wait to get home (and have the servers back up) to try it out!
File: Aura Aspects continued12-30-06
Re: Re: Shadow Priest Support?
Posted By: Arctae
Originally posted by Elnarfim hmm......regarding Have it support Shadowform as an "aura", like the other spells and abilities. I used to have a mod called Shadowshift that put the Shadowform button there as a "stance/form", just like this does, but it has been discontinued. I love this mod, and it is very helpful for my other...
File: Necrosis LdC12-27-06
Saved Config
Posted By: Arctae
Is there any way the config can be saved between versions? I only have 2 mods that don't keep config settings when I get a new rev, this and vBagnon. Unless there is some major changes to their data storage, all my other mods keep their settings. Other than that, I love Necrosis! :)
File: Aura Aspects continued12-23-06
Shadow Priest Support?
Posted By: Arctae
How about support for Shadowform? :)
File: FuBar 3.6.504-19-06
Depreciated Tooltip Message
Posted By: Arctae
I don't like the way depreciated tooltips are handled in the 1.0 FuBar release... It renders any modules that have not been brought up to date (even though they function fine) useless. Currently this affects the Guild and Friends modules, and I use those regularly, but, they are not usable until they get updated. The way it was...