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File: CCReport07-05-11
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Originally posted by Maeve89 I have a question: how to put reportcc run on /s rather than /gr ? imo, /say canal is more useful then /group in PvP :) You'll need to do it manually. Go to World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\CCReport and open CCReport.lua using Word. Then press CTRL+ F and search the word "PARTY". Click "Replace"...
File: CCReport10-11-10
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Originally posted by Rainrider {skull} will display as the symbol skull for enUS and enGB, but every other locale will see it just as text. Locale indipendent strings are {rt1} through {rt8} or you could alternatively use ICON_LIST where index is a number between 1 and 8. The second method only works for frame:AddMessage("text") I...
File: CCReport08-06-10
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Originally posted by Vis One thought, is there any way to announce times along with the type of CC? For instance something along the lines of "Silenced 6 seconds". No idea if it's possible or not though. With my lack of coding experience, the only thing I can think of is to make it so when something is first applied, it'll annou...
File: CCReport07-28-10
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Originally posted by xtoq If you type {skull} instead of people will see the skull icon if they have that option set, and the text if not. Works for everyone then! From the small picture, I know it looks like , but if you click it, you'll notice it is infact {skull}. The skull icon itself is not compatible with the speech bubble...
File: SquidFrames (inc - SquidMod)02-24-09
love it!
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This is PERFECT! Exactly what i was looking for. Just wanted the deadly avatar UI without runic power being changed around. Also lovin' the /squif elite. Seen a screenshot a year ago with someone having that and i WANTED one. nice job mate. Don't go puttin this outta date on us xD
File: Classic Deathknight Frames02-02-09
if i knew how, id be all over it :P
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if i knew how, id be all over it :P
File: Classic Deathknight Frames01-27-09
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hey, been looking for this portrait UI for ages >_< can you give a date as to when it'll be ready for use? or maybe even a referral to the same UI someone else has made? Dunno why but i just really want this xD