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File: FluidFrames05-05-09
Cant find a way to move the backpacs.
Posted By: fullerton
hi. I downloaded and installed this mod so I can move my backpacks. I haven't been able to find a way to move them. I also don't understand what you mean by setting a key binding? A key binding for what? My backpack is already bound to a key (b or f12), so how would I bind something to it or those keys? Thanks. Fullerton
File: DragEmAll05-05-09
Nice addon
Posted By: fullerton
Hi. I like this add-on. I have been searching for one that would allow me to move my bags because I also use bartender 4, and the bags cover the place where I put my bag slots. I did try fluid frames, but couldn't figure out how to move my back packs. And I couldn't understand what was said about setting a binding key. It wo...
File: ShardsCount04-28-09
Posted By: fullerton
Thank you for shard count. It is nice to have. I do notice that all my toons show shard count, not just my warlock. I was wondering if you could fix that? Thanks
File: FishermansFriend04-28-09
Lua line?
Posted By: fullerton
I would like to see this updated for 3.1. I hope you have time to do this, for I really like this addon. I do see where you have said to just add a lua? I, unfortunately, have no idea what you are talking about. What is a lua? And how do you add it. I hope you can keep it real simple because I don't know squat about progr...
File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor02-07-09
great add on
Posted By: fullerton
I like this add on. The sound is easier to handle. I do see that you have 3 different type of reload sounds. How do you change the reload sound? Thanks.