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File: Clique08-28-16
Target of Target
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I haven't used this in years as I've been away from the game. I recently used this in an open invasion and thought I could use this to heal target of target players. However, each time I healed myself instead of the clicked target. Also, when I go to use my right click spell on a target even in party, no spell cast because I get a ri...
File: Grid03-08-09
Disappearing Frames
Posted By: Silent54
I've been using this addon for a while. I've really never had a problem with the addon with the following exception. If I DC during a raid or group and come back on, Grid is gone. I can't log out or fully leave the game and have Grid come back up. It only comes back up if I log out after the event is over. Not sure if there is a fix...
File: Clique12-18-08
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Haven't had to use Clique with a macro until now and was wondering if there's something missing. What I'm trying to do is cast both Divine Illum and Favor every time they are available with Holy light. The initial casting everything seems to go off with no problems. After the first two spells go on CD, it seem that when I use the mac...
File: Gatherer12-11-08
I've been using this over the last...
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I've been using this over the last few weeks in Northrend. I checked through all the addon settings but every node whether herb or ore does not show on either the mini-map or full size map.
File: Talent Planner10-24-08
Pet Talent Bug
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Yea, there's a bug in the hunter pet talent line. Works with all my other characters to include my hunter but the pet talent line shows a 51 point talent build with the inability to clear the tree to reuse the points. The only way to accomplish this is to disable the addon. Even after redoing the pet tree and turning the addon back o...
File: Minimap Button Frame10-19-08
Ill assume that this addon can't ad...
Posted By: Silent54
Ill assume that this addon can't add the blizzard tracking button. It added all the buttons that were visible but that one.
File: HealBot Continued07-30-08
Out of Range
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Another question, I can't seem to make out of range players show as low opacity. I have it down to 0% but all bars are exactly the same. Even players that aren't even in the instance with me. Thanks
File: HealBot Continued07-29-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Macro
Posted By: Silent54
Originally posted by Acirac Not exactly, you create the macro as usual with the exception of having the and you give that macro a name like Huge Heal. Then in healbot instead of typing a spell name like Holy Light, you would type Huge Heal, the name of the macro, which launches the macro every time you use that binding. Thanks...
File: HealBot Continued07-28-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Macro
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Originally posted by Erbodan I had the same problem for a while, but if you check the readme and go all the way to the bottom I think you'll find some macros premade by class. The key to making macros work is using . This way it tells HealBot to use the target you are clicking on in its interface, hence the hbtarget. What I use loo...
File: HealBot Continued07-27-08
Re: Re: Macro
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Originally posted by Acirac You create it in the normal macro ui, /macro. I know that but what I would like to know is how it relates to this addon. I have macros but not sure how to work them into this addon as a healer. I'm using a libram swap to cue librams but to use it I have to use macros. It was suggested that it would b...
File: HealBot Continued07-27-08
Posted By: Silent54
I'm trying this addon for the first time. The one thing I don't understand is where to place macros. I read the readme but it doesn't say where to put them. Thanks
File: Clique07-15-08
kerrang, You'll also run into somet...
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kerrang, You'll also run into something similar now with clique combined with a libram swapper like Holy Librams or Bang Libram Swap, becasue of blizz new patch when the librams swap you casting gets interupted. This means you have to cast the same healing spell twice if you librams swap. It's a pain in the ass if you have several li...
File: PhanxChat03-25-08
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Anyone having problems with phanxchat and the 2.4 WoW chat config? Not showing any errors but cant seem to get certain chat channels to remain in certain windows. ie... I use to have guild chat in a new window I setup instead of the general chat frame but now it's in both and no matter what I do, I still get the same.
File: TotemGarden02-27-08
Another addon with no support
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Good thing I quit trying to figure this thing out and dumped it since it's not supported.
File: TotemGarden02-23-08
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The write up sounds interesting but other than bringing up the bars and moving them, I have no idea what this does and how to use it. I mean the write up said there's totem patterns built in or something like that but I see nothing happening. Thanks.
File: Palatank02-14-08
Posted By: Silent54
Just uploaded the new version today and started receiving the following errors. The first error was receive when I opened the palatank menu and the next three were when I tried to change colors. Error: attempt to index field 'BGColor' (a nil value) AddOn: Palatank File: Palatank_Menu.lua Line: 123 Count: 1 ----------------...
File: TipTac12-09-07
Re: Re: Checked boxes
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Originally posted by Aezay Yes there is, please read the TipTac & MobInfo2 section of the readme file. Yea, I did this but I still have to continually place the check back in the box even with those options turned off in MI2.
File: TwoBox Toolkit12-09-07
Key Clone
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Where can one find key clone? I looked at most of the addon sites without any luck. Thanks.
File: TipTac12-04-07
Checked boxes
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Is there a reason why everytime I check the box for "Shw Tiptac unit tips" it come unchecked everytime I log in and out? This happens for all my characters.
File: MetaHud09-28-07
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I'm also have the Target of Target problem. The bar stays on screen and most times without a target name unless I select myself. I could probably do without it if it can be fixed but only thing I can remeove is the ToT name.The bar cant be removed or I haven't figured out which config attribute to turn off. It's annoying to have a bi...
File: Cirk's Blessings09-28-07
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Been using this for a bit now and have the current version with new buff timers. Though I do have this little annoying problem in both old and new version which hasn't caused the addon from working. This occurs no matter whether I start a fresh raid cast or a reset of the addon to rebless everyone. I can bless maybe two or three clas...
File: Cirk's Blessings06-07-07
Hate to be a pest but does this cas...
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Hate to be a pest but does this cast while in combat? I tried because my 5 min timer went off and I needed to recast but I couldn't.
File: Cirk's Blessings06-05-07
Then make sure you use the per-clas...
Posted By: Silent54
Then make sure you use the per-class selections (in the lower-left of the main blessings window) to select the blessings you want to cast, and don't over-ride these with per-player blessings (i.e., leave the blessings assigned to each player on the right side of the main blessings window set to their class defaults) unless you specif...
File: Cirk's Blessings06-03-07
Either I'm not setting this addon u...
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Either I'm not setting this addon up correctly or there's a bug but I have not been able to cast a full 10 man raid with 15 min buffs even with the setting set the way the directions state. Sometimes I'll get a couple of members with 15 but the rest will be at 5 min. Then sometimes everyone will get only 5 min buffs with the same set...
File: Tungsten: Carbide05-24-07
I loaded this up but I dont see any...
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I loaded this up but I dont see any slash command other than /trinity but that only brings up my trinity bar options. So how do I get the trinity chat menu to open?