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File: WiseEclipse10-15-09
Re: Re: Error
Posted By: Rinnerz
Originally posted by Copialinex The error is fixed now, Thanks for your feedback (I don't know why I hadn't noticed it) Also fixed double-warning when eclipse was about ~5 sec left and you didn't have NG... seriously, NG is a pain when calculating casting times. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply; I'll get this now and try it...
File: WiseEclipse10-14-09
Posted By: Rinnerz
I just started using this addon a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. However, I keep getting this error and was wondering if anyone had any clue what's causing it. It just started showing up last night during a ToC run and pops up pretty frequently now. (Only when I'm actually DPS'ing something and have Eclipse proc, though.)...
File: SquawkAndAwe03-20-09
Re: Options Menu?
Posted By: Rinnerz
Originally posted by mascheko Hi folks! I simply might be too silly, but is there a regular options menu, where I can activate/deactivae certain bars, deal with width and scaling, or do I really need to do it via command line? Thank you Hit Esc, then go to Interface --> Addons --> Squawk and Awe.
File: SquawkAndAwe03-18-09
I just wanted to mention this since...
Posted By: Rinnerz
I just wanted to mention this since I can't seem to find others' comments on it... I love this addon, but I've been having issues with its Faerie Fire timer lately. It'll just randomly fall off, even though there is no way my spell is being overwritten (I'm always the only boomkin in the raid). The timer just randomly disappears,...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-31-09
Blue flash when out of control -still- present?
Posted By: Rinnerz
I registered simply to post this, since I couldn't find any other comments on the matter. I noticed that in v3.0.1a's changes, there is: "Fixed: Stopped blue flashing out of control frame from showing when on a taxi." This is -not- fixed. I am using the latest version of X-Perl and I'm still having this problem on certain taxis...