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File: SLDataText - FAN UPDATE09-09-11
Originally posted by Lily.Petal B...
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Originally posted by Lily.Petal By chance could you change the download to a zip instead of a rar, makes people who can't open rars have an easier time ^^v I suggest you take a look at I'm guessing you're on a Windows PC since Linux distros and OS-X support rar files by default.
File: AI-Art Icons08-18-11
Hello, how am I supposed to revert...
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Hello, how am I supposed to revert back to the default icons? I deleted the ICONS folder and started the game through the launcher, but aleast the micro-menu icons are still using the icons in this pack. (...which were too different from the original for me to get used to them)
File: Battleground Bang03-11-10
The addon info suggests there would...
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The addon info suggests there would be some options, how do I acces them if there are any?
File: Collectinator01-08-10
This addon cause Quest Log to stop...
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This addon cause Quest Log to stop working. It doesn't show new quests I get or remove completed or abandoned quests when this is active.