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File: Power Auras Classic03-29-10
Hey there! Recently I'm playing my...
Posted By: xDiDix
Hey there! Recently I'm playing my Priest as a Discipline, so I needed to know when "Weakened Soul" is off my Groupmembers so I can recast my Shield. Now I have a question for this: Is it possible to have one Aura for every Groupmember? Like: Member 2 gets shielded... Aura2 gets shown... Currently its like this: Member 2 get...
File: InaUI 2.201-17-10
Ah, my mistake.. tried to change th...
Posted By: xDiDix
Ah, my mistake.. tried to change the color in the wrong layout :eek: Adapted your UI for my UI scale, took a few minutes or hours but really was worth it! Love this UI!!
File: InaUI 2.201-16-10
Originally posted by orN Sry just...
Posted By: xDiDix
Originally posted by orN Sry just saw u answered on a previous page. Any-ways I have another problem, during the gunship battle. The Gunship icon is to the upper left, half outside,under the raid members name, where do I change settings to move it ? cheers orN This can be changed in the Chinchilla Config, just type /chin an...
File: InaUI 2.201-15-10
Hey there. Really nice UI you made...
Posted By: xDiDix
Hey there. Really nice UI you made there! Just one little question. I have some prolems with Pitbull4: How can I change the color of the HP-Bar? It stays black/grey whatever option I change. And for the Group i would love to only have the Name colored with the Classcolors and the HP-Bar should stay normal too. Could you expl...
File: IshtaraUi01-15-10
Currently working?
Posted By: xDiDix
Hey there, found this one today and it looks stunning! Would give it a try but wanted to ask first if its working with the current version of the game. Someone can give me a short reply?
File: oUF_Diablo08-19-09
Jep, allready done that ;) Works fi...
Posted By: xDiDix
Jep, allready done that ;) Works fine for me. Only thing I cant move in this way are the 3D Frames (Angel, Demon, Bottom). Is there a way to make them work in the same way? Im not that good in lua at this moment, still learning ;)
File: oUF_Diablo08-18-09
oUF MoveableFrames
Posted By: xDiDix
Hi there! WoW, what a great work! And the animations are back again, yes! I really love this addon. Is there a chance you could add support for oUF MoveableFrames into this addon? Would make positioning ingame more easy ;) Love your work!
File: oUF_Diablo02-07-09
Ok, just got it how to Change the T...
Posted By: xDiDix
Ok, just got it how to Change the Text on the Orbs. I thought of showing current HP / max HP in the first line and under that the missing HP. But I just cant get the first line working... local c = max - min local d = floor(min/max*100) local newmin = do_format(min) local newmax = do_format(max)...
File: oUF_Diablo02-05-09
Wow thanks for the fast Answer....
Posted By: xDiDix
Wow thanks for the fast Answer. I already edited it for my own Interface and it looks so perfect. One little thing that I also want to change change would be the Health text. Is it possible to show the missing HP where the percent is shown atm? So, I promise this is the last thing I want for today ;)
File: oUF_Diablo02-05-09
Space between Orbs
Posted By: xDiDix
Hi there, I really love your D3 Addon! Anyway there is something I wanted to ask: Is there a way to make the space between the Orbs bigger? Cause I like my Actionbars big, but don't want them to be over the Orbs. Thx for this great Addon!