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File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-20-10
Temporary poison fix for rogues
Posted By: Maron
Sadly I would rather not use poisons on my rogue than not use SBF, but figured I'd pass this on for those suffering with which they can't live without. Commenting out line 121 in SBFFilters.lua -- a = buff.duration/60 will stop the SBF errors and its subsequently breaking the whole addon when you have poison on your weapons....
File: Quest-o-matic02-19-10
Turn ins
Posted By: Maron
Great mod, I love the ability to fine tune how it behaves instead of hijacking the entire process like most mods. I have run into an issue of turn ins. If I have more than one quest from an NPC but have only completed one, it seems to just open and close the quest dialogue and say "You do not meet the requirements for the quest". App...
File: oUF dLx07-26-09
Love the mod for my druid but didn'...
Posted By: Maron
Love the mod for my druid but didn't want to use it without cast bars. Thought someone else may want them. Cheers. --cast bars (insert at line 205) if unit=="player" or unit=="target" then --bar self.Castbar = CreateFrame('StatusBar', nil, self) --local Castbar = CreateFrame"statusbar" self.Castbar:SetWidth(wid...
File: NugComboBar07-25-09
won't auto hide
Posted By: Maron
Love the mod, however - I have mine set to hide out of combat. Initially it works.. starts hidden when I log in, shows up when I enter combat, but upon leaving combat it will only hide if I target something then untarget it after the fight. Otherwise it just stays around.