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File: Qulight UI10-27-13
Question regarding actionbars
Posted By: Mcaffee
I really like the look and feel of this UI but I do have 2 questions with regards to the actionbars. 1. How can I access the actionbars layout/setup i tried /rabs as your using rActionBarStyler but this doesn't work. 2. If the actionbars layout/setup is locked can i turn them off fully and use bartender instead? Thanks, Mac
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-23-13
Brilliant mage UI
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hiya, I tried the scale settings but it puts the entire thing out of whack, however I think I might be able to change the resolution myself of the TGA file just need to re-install my C5 :banana: What I do want to know is are you willing to share your weakaura's either here or possibly via PM. And again thanks for the UI and qu...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-22-13
Loving the UI
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hi, I just wanted to say this is a very nice UI, clean and functional. However I do have 1 question/request if at all possible as I play in 1600x900 resolution. Would it be possible for you to supply me with directions on how to change the .tga files that serve as background, the rest like diminfo i can move by tweaking the lua...
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI 1920x108004-13-13
Addon updates
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hi guys, Can I safely update the addons via curse client or are there addons i should avoid updating. Cheers, Mac
File: OPUI01-04-13
f you ever get the time and are wi...
Posted By: Mcaffee
f you ever get the time and are willing which is ofc also important would you please create a 1600x900 version for this UI as it looks great but I suck and modding UI's myself. Anyways it looks great so keep it up.
File: Altz UI for MoP12-16-12
Hi I just started a new character a...
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hi I just started a new character and I only seem to have 1 action bar available to me. I tried to change the layout but that did notthing, still just 1 action bar. Could you tell me how I can have all bars visible to me even at level 1 Tnx in advance
File: Altz UI for MoP12-09-12
tnx for the github link. i have be...
Posted By: Mcaffee
tnx for the github link. i have been able to figure out most but some i am unable to translate as they show to me as ?????? and i noticed that i hadn't mentioned it before but damn this is a nice UI so tnx for you hard work.
File: Altz UI for MoP12-08-12
thank you for your fast reply. i a...
Posted By: Mcaffee
thank you for your fast reply. i am however unable to download the string as it is only available in china. could you upload it at github or an other hosting site?
File: Altz UI for MoP12-07-12
Screenshot 7
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hi can you answer me what addon are you using to display the cooldowns and icons around your character frame. Above i see Time Warp, Stagger and another Below is Avert Harm Elusive Brew, Guard and a few others To the left I see Chi Wave icon and above that Legacy of the Emperor To the right i see Leg Sweep' What I would like...
File: Altz UI for MoP11-16-12
does anyone know how to get the act...
Posted By: Mcaffee
does anyone know how to get the action bar beneath the player frame, i seem to be lost with getting a 8 slot action bar beneath it as shown in 1 of the screenshots
File: MayronUI Gen410-31-12
thank you very much, i got it now....
Posted By: Mcaffee
thank you very much, i got it now. didn't think of this at all. show me to read everything 1st :D
File: MayronUI Gen410-31-12
Love the UI but have small issue
Posted By: Mcaffee
When I click the button D to get H my Unit frame vanishes when I return to D it appears but I have no idea on how to fix this. MayronUI2 works like a charm but MayronUI2H doesn't. The same applies for the other 2 profiles. I try to target something and it doesn't show up except for Target of Target and Focus. I think its in SUF but...
File: RealUI10-27-11
He Nib love the UI as always but th...
Posted By: Mcaffee
He Nib love the UI as always but this new patch is doing some really funky things which I want to run by you. (EDIT - The below bugs is when I tried your solution of installing while saving the preferences from other addons. When doing a complete clean install there is no issue. Now I just need to reconfigure the rest again :( )...
File: RealUI10-06-11
I ran with 7.2 last night in FL and...
Posted By: Mcaffee
I ran with 7.2 last night in FL and no major issues popped up bar 1 "Skada" Skada is just not showing the correct dps or dmg done during or after a fight. We as a guild run WoL and I had a guildie dot down the dmg done/dps after each fight as he uses recount. Now after the raid we checked recount versus skada against the WoL and re...
File: RealUI10-04-11
Your a sneaky person 80% my foot :b...
Posted By: Mcaffee
Your a sneaky person 80% my foot :banana: Love it so far m8 will let you know if I run into any issues got 8 at 85 so other then druid and priest I can put some good testing in
File: Panther05-28-09
Hi great compilation looks fantasti...
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hi great compilation looks fantastic got 1 question is there any chance you can make this work for 1024x768? I hope so as I am unable to get it done on my own.
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)04-23-09
Hi Malev, Love the UI but I got...
Posted By: Mcaffee
Hi Malev, Love the UI but I got a question is there anyway to make it work for a laptop 1024x768 resolution?