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File: MayronUI Gen404-01-15
most awesome UI!!
Posted By: phunjap
Hi mayron I have been using your UI since the first version and i love it ;-) The latest addition for Gen4 with "AFK Screen" is really awesome!! I have found, what seems to be, a bug when using the selfie camera, taking a picture detaches (spelling?) the camera from the toon's hand and makes it "free floating" and lets me zoo...
File: MayronUI Gen402-19-14
Re: Re: Parrot bugs me
Posted By: phunjap
Default is the original profile that you should be using if I remember correctly (not online at the moment). And it does show something, just not your out going damage as I personally find that pointless since the blizzard out going damage over the enemies nameplates does that job nicely. You can enable the default profile and unlock...
File: MayronUI Gen402-15-14
Parrot bugs me
Posted By: phunjap
Hi Mayron I have been using your ui since 1st gen. and i still love it very much! ive updated to the latest version and everything Works Wonders, excpt for Parrot. If i choose the MayronUI profile it seems like standard and is rly a mess to look at, if i choose Default profile theres no combat text at all ?? a few screen...
File: MayronUI Gen404-21-13
Hi Mayron ;-) I have been using...
Posted By: phunjap
Hi Mayron ;-) I have been using your UI since 1.gen and now 2.gen and i simply love it! But lately i have been having some major preformance issues when im on my paladin and in raid, so i turned on "display Lua errors" to get a hint of what was going on. other than the addons allready included in the ui i have installed: -A...
File: Aliena's Interface Pack05-28-11
Posted By: phunjap
Hi ;) i had that exact same problem with another UI and after hours of thinking and looking i found the problem.. In the WTF folder theres a config.wtf file, inside of that the very first line is SET locale "enUS" Change it to: SET locale "enGB" and your good to go ;)
File: FictionalUI05-06-11
Hey ;) sorry for the long response...
Posted By: phunjap
Hey ;) sorry for the long response time.. long work hours lately ;) So i've just deleted your files and booted up wow with no luck, it just simply wont believe that im not in the right region.. and checked my realmlist it looks just about right: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com set patchlist enGB.patch.battle.ne...
File: FictionalUI05-04-11
interface problem..
Posted By: phunjap
Hey there ;) I got this mega strange problem... It's not the first time i've installed an UI but this is the first time i've seen this thing... Been installing wow twice to make sure its not something i do ;) Before your UI i had no problem logging on wow, but after the installation af your UI it seems like wow think's i...
File: Tarynn UI02-08-11
Re: grid
Posted By: phunjap
Originally posted by Daved23 i have a little prob with grid all i got is a black square and when im in a group is 5 black squares any idea how to fix it this is the message i get Date: 2011-02-08 07:37:24 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Grid\GridStatusRange.lua line 9: Usage: GetModule(name,...
File: Tarynn UI02-07-11
Posted By: phunjap
haha yeah just found out... was in a party with my wife and i tried to right click on her and i intervened her ;D and a bell rang "OOHHHH clicky.. lets see.. yup middle = vigilance, Right = Intervene" and just tried shift+click and i got the menu's i wanted ;D Thank you anyway ;D awesome!
File: Tarynn UI02-06-11
Posted By: phunjap
is there an option that makes me able to right click to eiter leave a party.. or inspect ppl? no matter what i do, right clicking just wont do anything ;-/
File: Tarynn UI02-05-11
hold on....
Posted By: phunjap
Okay, seems like i had 4 addons that needed an update: Grid, SBF, BossTactics and Auction Profit Master (that ive added myself to the UI) and loaded WoW.. to find myself NOT laggin! How Awesome is that ??? ;D
File: Tarynn UI02-04-11
Great UI, but..
Posted By: phunjap
Hi ;) first off, GREAT ui!! i rly like it.. im using 1440*900 resolution and everything seems to fit perfectly! I've got one thing that bugs me.. Everytime i engange in combat its lags the shit out of it, making it extremely impossible to do anything. When im idle theres nothing, but target a mob it hangs a split second then noth...
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.02-15-10
dungeon thingy..
Posted By: phunjap
Hi Jasje, and thanks again for a kewl UI.. With patch 3.3 (i think it was) a new icon was added by Blizzard next to the mini map, a kind of Dungeon/Raid ID. But the thing is it sits right behind the minimap.. Is there a way to maybe put it "on top" of my minimap? heres a screeny: http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k80/phun...
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.01-11-10
Great UI..!! Thank you!
Posted By: phunjap
However i cant seem to figure out how to move this little "OOC timer" thingy that sits in the middle of the screen.. rater annoying ^^ on some of my toons it sits in the character bar... on some its in the open.. screen: http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k80/phunjap/Death_Knight_ui.jpg Thanks in advance!
File: IshtaraUi02-10-09
Originally posted by rcdyer1984 I...
Posted By: phunjap
Originally posted by rcdyer1984 It seems as though you haven't selected the profiles for quite a few of the addons. Do you play with the correct resolution? Have you done a /reloadui after copying from the correct profile? my resolution is 1440*900 and i cant get it any higher in the menu... when trying to load the pro...
File: IshtaraUi02-09-09
aye.. just downloaded this UI cause...
Posted By: phunjap
aye.. just downloaded this UI cause i like it ;) but when i load it it looks nothing like the pics seen else where.. Chat frames are on top of eachother... and rly a mess.. If i try to "copy from profile" nothing seems to happend.. its like im missing some "settings files" or somthing.. heres a pic from my shaman.. (hes dps.....