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File: WowLua09-28-09
Trouble with Spell names in non English locales
Posted By: ZillahGiovanni
I'm have ruRU client and can't use english spell names, but localised names not work 8(
File: Wintergrasp Timer02-25-09
Originally posted by Mike-N-Go Th...
Posted By: ZillahGiovanni
Originally posted by Mike-N-Go Thanks for the translation, I'll add it when I get around to it, like in a week. I have plans to renovate this addon and ace it up. There are a few of the translations, like the name of the shouting NPC, that need to be exactly correct, so, after I add this localization, please let me know if it works...
File: Wintergrasp Timer02-09-09
Great addon, but not have russian t...
Posted By: ZillahGiovanni
Great addon, but not have russian translation 8( I can help, but i'm don't know what strings need ingame translation, and what need "sounds like" translation. If U comment string variables i'm correct translation. For begin: NPC1 = "Чародей Брэдин" --i...