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File: ComeHere02-13-09
awesome - it works great now ty fo...
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awesome - it works great now ty for ur help
File: ComeHere02-11-09
tried that
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i did try that this is the copy of what the file looks like - the name of the mp3 audio is labeled "welcome" maybe i have to change something else? if RanNum == 1 then if UnitSex("player") == 2 then PlaySoundFile("Interface\\AddOns\\Welcome\\Sounds\\Welcome.mp3") end if UnitSex("player") == 3 then PlaySoundFile("I...
File: ComeHere02-10-09
just wondering...
Posted By: tagnfrag
i found a bruce willis "welcome to the party pal" audio mp3 and how do i get it to work with this mod?