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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)03-06-10
Originally posted by sephra Don't...
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Originally posted by sephra Don't know if this only my issue, but for some reason Stuf shows lich kings health % wrong. actually would be 70 and stuf would show 71-72. but the other boss's seem to be fine or I just dont notice it. What are you using to be sure? I too am having this issue, using Tiny plates with health % showin...
File: PocketPlot02-16-09
Originally posted by Seerah Locat...
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Originally posted by Seerah Location text is colored by zone faction/reaction. Friendly/Hostile/Contested territory. This is the same as in the default UI (since it's the same text string, just moved.) There is no way to color it differently in the addon. Thanks for the quick response, well if there is no way to change it i...
File: PocketPlot02-15-09
location text
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hey really loving the addon, just one question. How can i change the color of the location text? Thanks