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File: Panda01-01-13
MassMill does not work on Desecrate...
Posted By: Becvar
MassMill does not work on Desecrated Herb. Does not generate any errors, simply does not react to the presence of the herb. Have to manually click the herb itself in the Panda window.
File: Aloft04-02-10
Re: Re: nameplate mouse interaction
Posted By: Becvar
Originally posted by acapela you want the Aloft "Frame>Enable Mouse" option enabled ("turned on"), if you want any nameplates to be sensitive to the mouse. however, in WoW 3.2.X (and after), the current target nameplate (if any) is not sensitive to the mouse. it does not respond to mouseover, and it does not respond to clicking...
File: Aloft03-30-10
nameplate mouse interaction
Posted By: Becvar
I've turned the /aloft frame enableMouse off and on and I cannot get Aloft to allow me to click on the nameplate to target mobs. Am I missing something?
File: QuestHelper08-19-09
QH not updating
Posted By: Becvar
For the last couple days, my QH has not been updating the info on the tracker. It still shows the quest info and arrow, but will not update quantities as I get items for quests, nor will it "see" that I just turned in a quest, and continues telling me to turn it in. Any suggestions? (I really don't want to do the wtf/cache delete,...
File: SLDataText02-15-09
Posted By: Becvar
Are there plans to add Haste as a stat displayable in Statline?