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File: oUF_Lure03-24-10
Great Layout
Posted By: hi2chriz
any chance of adding colored debuff support? as in debuffs from self are colored and debuffs from others are greyscale? here is an example from oUF_Hank: http://s.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw37774.jpg Thankyou
File: BankStack07-19-09
no longer maintained? well i figure...
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no longer maintained? well i figured out another detail it only moves the glyphs on the first bag not the the glyphs in any of the bags which are all "Pack of Endless Pockets"
File: BankStack07-13-09
Error Report
Posted By: hi2chriz
Great addon thus far, however it never seem to want to move more then 16 items from one group to another. I use this addon for moving are large amount of glyphs, and sometime i want to move 40 stack from bags to guild1 and it will only move 16 stacks, if i try again it says there is perfection but the guild tab still has plenty of ro...
File: oUF_Freebgrid01-20-09
Mana plugin
Posted By: hi2chriz
Any Chance of there being an option to add mana bars for the respective classes in the near future?
File: Cryolysis v1.2.507-09-06
you are missing the Mage Armor Buf...
Posted By: hi2chriz
you are missing the Mage Armor Buff and Group port to Org