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File: TankPoints07-17-09
I am using Tankpoints since a few m...
Posted By: Lord Nazgul
I am using Tankpoints since a few month. But I do not know what "Top / Bottom" means, when I look at a ring... Could you please explain it to me?
File: BTex03-28-09
Same problem like Ultranor - can't...
Posted By: Lord Nazgul
Same problem like Ultranor - can't get a transparent Interface. When set up ingame, it shows the transparent parts in white.
File: BTex02-18-09
little problem
Posted By: Lord Nazgul
Hi guys I'd like to use the NexusUI Style but I can't load it. All 4 parts are inside the /style -> named NexusUI-1.tga... and so on. Now I make my own style named NexusUI (with standard scaling), but nothing happens. :confused: