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File: PerfectRaid09-14-06
Hi Cladhaire, I'm computerless s...
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Hi Cladhaire, I'm computerless so I can't test the update but awhile ago I was awaiting the update to allow it to only show buffs of your interest (IE on a mage I would like to see who has or needs Intellect) Is this latest update with that fix? That would be sweet! Thanks Sir! Vince :)
File: PerfectRaid05-29-06
Who needs buffs...
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I've posted this below and I'm still waiting for that feature also. Unfortunatly it is VERY important and I can't even use this mod until that feature is released. Cladhaire mentioned it's done locally just not released... Were all awating hopefully it's coming soon! I love his work... Vince
File: PerfectRaid05-16-06
Awaiting a Beta or release
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Hey there, I'm looking forward to a beta or release with the option to display a buff such as Arcane Intellect... I'd drop the RaidAssist 40 man group display in a heartbeat if I could get this feature. Looking forward to any info you got, Thanks, Vince
File: PerfectRaid05-02-06
Originally posted by Cladhaire @v...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire @vince00: I have this implemented locally, but its not ready to be pushed out yet-- I pretty much ripped all the code out, and made it a little more modular. You'll be able to display the main buffs, or add your own buffs. Excellent, Now i'm excited.. If I can see who has AI I can easily remove...
File: PerfectRaid05-01-06
I love the looks of this so far......
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I love the looks of this so far... Is there "Any" chance of having it display some buffs.. For Example as a mage i have to buff certain groups and if someone is not buffed I like to hit them with Intellect. I'd like to toggle the Arcane Intellect buff beside the chars type of thing. If it could do that i'd be set and not nee...