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File: Ion09-09-14
Re: Re: Replacement
Posted By: wolfi
I have switched over to bartender4/select/macro extender. I love ION but I can't trust it will work day 0 WoD. I am in the process of creating a new UI so I can switch to Bartender4 (if I must), and I recently discovered (and love) Select, but I can't find an addon called "macro extender" beyond an old, defunct one (from 2010) -...
File: KayrMacro - Advanced Macros and Expanded Storage09-07-14
Posted By: wolfi
maybe you could mention in the wiki that class-condition works with english names (druid, mage,...) but spec-condition needs the localized names. edit: this is not always, testing more.
File: MuchMoreMunch07-23-14
preset macros
Posted By: wolfi
hi everybody, i'm a very lazy person with much toons, so i added two more preset-macros into the MuchMoreMunch.lua to local PRESET_MACROS = { (after the row that starts with ) = "#showtooltip\n/use First Aid;\n/castsequence ; reset=combat \n", = "#showtooltip\n/use Cooking;Cooking Fire;item:86425;\n...
File: Ion08-18-13
Is there a way to make the special...
Posted By: wolfi
Is there a way to make the special action button that pops up during some fights do that again? I know Ion did it months ago when mists first came out, but it stopped doing it and I ended up having to make a new button special for it. I just have to remember what fights use it and what quests use it... I use BetterExtraActionButto...
File: MacroTalk09-29-12
Re: Re: fix for the group-command
Posted By: wolfi
Yeah sorry, like I said, I dont use all of the options. Never mind, thx for the fix. Heres another one, don't:know if its macrotalk or questhelperlite fault? --------------------------- 16x MacroTalk-2.0.5\MacroTalkSubstitutions.lua:67: attempt to compare number with string MacroTalk-2.0.5\MacroTalkSubstitutions.lua:67: in fu...
File: MacroTalk09-16-12
fix for the group-command
Posted By: wolfi
blizz removed the functions GetNumRaidMembers and GetNumPartyMembers so in MacroTalkCommands.lua row 10 and 11 change: GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 and "RAID" or to IsInRaid() and "RAID" or and GetNumPartyMembers() > 0 and "PARTY" to GetNumGroupMembers() > 0 and "PARTY"
File: MacroTalk09-16-12
Works fine with 5.0.4. Juste update...
Posted By: wolfi
Works fine with 5.0.4. Juste updated the TOC file. If you are having bug with 5.0.4, do not hesitate to open a ticket. ok, here it goes: 2x MacroTalk-2.0.4\MacroTalkCommands.lua:10: attempt to call global "GetNumRaidMembers" (a nil value) MacroTalk-2.0.4\MacroTalkCommands.lua:10: in function "?" FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4358: i...
File: Ion10-14-10
Hello Maul,
Posted By: wolfi
first of all: you are my hero! ;-) Most things work fine. But i have trouble with the vehicle-bar, and yes i'm shammy and have totembar also. I have a driver bar with vehicle and normal state, a vehicle bar linked to the vehicle state, and a custom bar linked to the normal state. Now it seems to forget the link and state of...
File: MacroTalk07-01-10
patch 3.3.5
Posted By: wolfi
since patch 3.3.5 macrotalk doesn't work anymore. but if you chance in MacroTalk.lua "ChatFrameEditBox" to "ChatFrame1EditBox" everything is ok again. row 22-25 --------------------------------------------------------- local origText = ChatFrame1EditBox:GetText() ChatFrame1EditBox:SetText(text) ChatEdit_SendText(ChatFra...