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File: EventAlert05-19-09
Originally posted by CurtisTheGreat...
Posted By: Xanek
Originally posted by CurtisTheGreat That's a bug that I need to fix. :) Ah, k, i was getting to wonder if it was just me:D Cause it does annoy the hell outta me having to press ok every once in a while
File: EventAlert05-17-09
When something procs twice, it give...
Posted By: Xanek
When something procs twice, it gives me a error or w/e saying Interface\Addons\EventAlrt\EventAlert.lua:239:EAFrame_16246:SetPoint(): trying to anchor to itself what does that mean, and how do i make it stop appearing when it does this
File: Omen Threat Meter03-21-09
Omen pops up ingame when fighitn so...
Posted By: Xanek
Omen pops up ingame when fighitn something new, but it doesnt show threats at all, all the tests work. when we fight a new mob or boss, it shows the name of the mob/boss/w/e it is, but no threat meters are displayed... why?