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File: TomTom02-06-10
Map coords half offscreen too
Posted By: Wyll
Originally posted by galvin TomTom map coordinates are displaying slightly off the screen. Before you had them to the leftside which was perfect not sure why this was changed. Mine used to sit nicely on the bottom border of the worldmap, now they're (mostly) offscreen at the bottom. I can kinda figure out what they are, but it...
File: Carousel04-28-09
Well... even as I type I'm betting...
Posted By: Wyll
Well... even as I type I'm betting that my recent exposure to addons is the real problem here... but WOW is still complaining that carousel is out of date, so I'm still forcing the load. What am I missing? Does that 'reset your interface' msg when logging in apply to me? :confused:
File: Carousel04-16-09
carousel position...
Posted By: Wyll
v 2.0... it's right in the middle of my screen and I can't seem to move it... I seem to recall that with the prior version I put it where I wanted it... but maybe I was hallucinating? - ok ok ok read my screen... I found the options... first time after update it didn't load cuz wow thought it was out of date and when I went to addon...
File: DropTheCheapestThing04-04-09
Re: Re: somehow... I don't get it :/
Posted By: Wyll
Originally posted by bitechu Yeah you can drop greys with this, but you need LDB Display, like titan bar, carousel, uh, makerocketgonow, and tehres a few others i cant think of atm. Or if you use fubar, you can get broker2fubar, and it should display on your fubar. I would also like so second the motion for either removing the b...
File: DropTheCheapestThing03-02-09
somehow... I don't get it :/
Posted By: Wyll
I love being able to click the broken eggshell and sell all my grey junk, but how do I invoke this critter when I want to drop stuff from my bags tomake room while I'm out 'sploring? Or did I assume you can do that with this addon? :) THANKS!