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File: oUF_Caellian03-16-09
Originally posted by iceclie Hi,...
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Originally posted by iceclie Hi, Caellian! Would you please tell me how to hide the remaining time of buffs/debuffs on target? Thank you very much! Are you using OmniCC? At line 292 in ouf_cMain.lua is: = true I needed to change it to: = true
File: oUF P3lim03-11-09
Originally posted by ant1pathy Wo...
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Originally posted by ant1pathy Would it be possible to get line changes for the minor fixes, so I can apply them without having to reposition and size everything? I realize they may not line up, but at least I'll have somewhere to start. You might want to try a file compare program for this sort of thing. Some freeware options