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File: guSmallBuffs10-29-10
Works like a Charm. Thank you so mu...
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Works like a Charm. Thank you so much! Here is the full lua file.
File: guSmallBuffs10-16-10
I can't get it to work with the mod...
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I can't get it to work with the modification. Could yo please paste the whole lua somewhere? http://pastebin.com/ in example.
File: Mounted08-30-09
I didn't looked in here for a long...
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I didn't looked in here for a long time. :< Thank you for posting your hack here. But there is a new Beta out now, i looked in the sourcecode and it looks like Mounted supports Wintergrasp battle recognition natively. So long MouzArt
File: Mounted08-10-09
Posted By: MouzArt
Hi, i have a rquest but first i want to say i'm enjoying this addon very well, thank you for this nice peace of software! So with Patch 3.2 you can use Flying Mounts in Wintergrasp when no battle is in process, and i would love to see when Mounted could recognize if a battle is in process or not. Maybe we can get the information...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills05-06-09
Re: Re: Campfire
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Originally posted by Aranarth Unfortunatly Campfire is considered a spell and can only be cast from secure buttons but LDB doesnt support it (I can rewrite this plugin to use secure buttons, but that's alot of work and so far only SBC can handle secure plugins). Thank you for your reply. Sounds like the effort isn't worth it....
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills04-30-09
Posted By: MouzArt
Very Nice LDB Plugin. :) Could yo add "Basic Campfire" to it? So Long MouzArt
File: Fishing Ace!04-18-09
If you have a Bone Fishing Pole, yo...
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If you have a Bone Fishing Pole, you have to edit the lua. You'll have to replace if ( itemTexture and string.find(itemTexture, "INV_Fishingpole") ) then with if ( itemTexture and string.find(itemTexture, "achievement_profession_fishing_journeymanfisher") ) then Got the Texture Name trough /script message(ActionButt...
File: ForteXorcist03-05-09
Potion Buff Tracking
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Hi. Great addon! I really enjoy it. But i have a question, is there a way to track Potion Buffs in the SpellTimer? I want to track Indestructible Potion/Haste Potion Buffs. So Long MouzArt Edit: So i checked the Options again and in the Customize Field it auto-fills "Indestructible Potion", but the buff isn't shown in t...