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File: EventHorizon05-03-09
Glyph of Life Tap - all warlocks
Posted By: Rhomloc
All warlock builds now have Glyph of Life Tap as one of their major glyphs. It's a substantial spell power bonus, lasting 20 sec. I recommend adding it to the default warlock config.lua. It could/should be the first spell, since all rotations begin with it. --Glyph of Life Tap self:NewSpell({ spellID = 63321, playerbuff...
File: EventHorizon04-30-09
Affliction Warlock .lua addition
Posted By: Rhomloc
I had forgotten that the default Warlock config.lua does not include Drain Soul. Being able to see the ticks of Drain Soul, so that it can be clipped (exact concept as Mind Flay for a Shadow Priest) is critical for an Affliction Warlock, when a mob is < 25% health. If possible, please add the following to the default Warlock confi...
File: EventHorizon04-20-09
Originally posted by Darkwolfie A...
Posted By: Rhomloc
Originally posted by Darkwolfie Any chance of supporting Eclipse? I have to concur. Yes, there are other add-ons that handle Eclipse, but the whole beauty of EventHorizon is that all your key DoTs, CDs and Procs are in one nice tight box. Eclipse is critical to any boomkin. Right now I have an eclipse add-on stacked directly abov...
File: EventHorizon04-09-09
Originally posted by Tifi Just do...
Posted By: Rhomloc
Originally posted by Tifi Just don't update the class modules you modified. Since you're going to overwrite them anyways, there's no point in updating. How exactly do you update anyways? wowmatrix. It's not bad the way I do it now, just was curious if I was missing something about the, "myconfig" concept.
File: EventHorizon04-08-09
losing class-specific config.lua on updates
Posted By: Rhomloc
Still loving this addon, and getting others in my guild to try it out. I've modified the config.lua file for both the EventHorizon_Priest and EventHorizon_Warlock folders. I haven't touched the main config.lua in the EventHorizon folder. My problem is, every time a new version of EH downloads, I lose the class-specific config.lua....
File: EventHorizon03-10-09
Re: Re: Displaying Shadow Weaving
Posted By: Rhomloc
Originally posted by Tifi Rhomloc, you could create an extra bar for Shadow Weaving: self:NewSpell({ spellID = 15332, playerbuff = true, }) However, I suggest you use another addon like PowerAuras. Or just look at your buffs... Lol, too simple. Thank you. Though, ideally I was hoping to add the # of SW stacks to another...
File: EventHorizon03-06-09
Displaying Shadow Weaving
Posted By: Rhomloc
I absolutely love this add-on. But, I've tried for hours to figure out a way to display how many stacks of Shadow Weaving I have. I tried to copy the Shadow Bolt + Shadow Embrace solution that is used in the warlock .lua for Shadow Embrace's stack, but couldn't get it to work for Shadow Weaving. Maybe I'm being anal, but I'd like to...