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File: QuestHelper03-18-09
Just a question I got about this fa...
Posted By: FrancoisH
Just a question I got about this fabulous add-on. It seems the help file is truncated at the end so I do not know if there is any clue about this into it. Is there a way to reset the waypoint Tomtom display ? i.e. I make a research using QH on a NPC and then I want QH start again to show the nearest quest... I currently only us...
File: QuestHelper03-06-09
Memory usage !
Posted By: FrancoisH
Hello there, I just noticed today with my DK and other characters that memory usage make by QH is quite crazy... not speaking about the amount after garbage collection, which seems to stabilize at 22mo after a bit of time, but more about how it increase at crazy rate, sometimes up to 1,5 Mo/s... making garbage collection happening...