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File: DuffedUI v8 (WoD Beta)08-17-14
Re: Garrison button / Micro Menu
Posted By: lorientalas
Hi Folks, maybe I'm too blind, but I can't find any option for a) displaying the garrison button on the minimap b) activating the micro menu Thanks for a hint & greetings from Kille² Click middle-button on minimap. ))
File: Quest Completist v0.9311-27-10
ruRU Data
Posted By: lorientalas
Do you need QuestCompletist.lua from other languages? ruRU for example...
File: Quest Completist v0.9311-20-10
What about more localization option...
Posted By: lorientalas
What about more localization options? And native QuestNames in main window?
File: oUF_ResComm03-02-10
After latest updating everything is...
Posted By: lorientalas
After latest updating everything is OK. Earlier everthing worked fine durinng resurrection, all the rest time full bar was shown(player and target frames).
File: oUF_ResComm02-27-10
ResComm StatusBar is always shown....
Posted By: lorientalas
ResComm StatusBar is always shown. How can I fix it?
File: Target For Me02-27-10
Originally posted by coldris This...
Posted By: lorientalas
Originally posted by coldris This macro works. Delete the /say line from the macro (it is only a test line). Pull that one to your hotbar. As you change boss encounters, the addon replaces the /tar from previous to new boss encounter. The other macro (cast) is that you can add a specific attack/ability/spell, so when you use th...