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File: KuiNameplates06-13-13
Raid marke based coloring
Posted By: Calebzor
Could we have an option to color the nameplates health bar part based on the raid marker the unit has?
File: PetBattleAutoForfeit04-12-13
In the .toc file Libs\ is missing i...
Posted By: Calebzor
In the .toc file Libs\ is missing in front of all the libraries. They don't load right now.
File: nivBuffs01-06-13
Update on curse.com
Posted By: Calebzor
With the permission of Luzzifus, I've updated the addon for 5.1 (MoP) and rehosted it at curse.com. You can read about the fixes and additions on the curse page of the addon where I'll keep it updated at: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/nivbuffs But here are a few to draw your interest: Full GUI Display customization inte...