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File: gTip11-03-10
Language change
Posted By: ck.nienor
Hello, I have the same problem as mgssidley, after login my undead rogue speaks gutterspeak. I disabled all addons but gtip (v1.4.9), glib (v2.6.29) and gmedia2 (v2.4.4). The language change only occures after login and on my undead toon. After /rl he speaks orcish again. In addition I really like the disable tooltip in c...
File: iMouseover03-09-09
Feature Request
Posted By: ck.nienor
Hi first of all, thanks for the extra space in my UI :) here my "requests" is it posible to get some sort of fade in/out effect for the bars? a delay bevor blending out would be nice, too. i hope the request is not to forward. thanks in advance ck.nienor