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File: NinjaPanel12-22-08
why another panel addon? we already...
Posted By: Muurder
why another panel addon? we already have titan panel and fubar, both in extremely good shape.
File: SSPVP302-17-08
overlay problem
Posted By: Muurder
latest version resets the position of BG overlay everytime there's a change in it. r502 works just fine. and also I'm not able to use timers for too many versions ago. thx
File: FuBar - GuildFu10-08-07
sorry to bother ... FuBar_GuildF...
Posted By: Muurder
sorry to bother ... FuBar_GuildFu-2.4.41997\FuBar_GuildFu.lua:304: attempt to call method 'HasModule' (a nil value) FuBarPlugin-2.0-48629 (Prat):366: in function `runChildren' Tablet-2.0-49630 (Prat):2355: in function `children' Tablet-2.0-49630 (Prat):2399: in function `Open' Tablet-2.0-49630 (Prat):2533: in function
File: OmniCC10-08-07
no CC numbers in action bars for me...
Posted By: Muurder
no CC numbers in action bars for me, only in inventory :( . I use bongos 2 latest news: it works now :)
File: Wardrobe-AL03-11-07
would be nice to add links to depen...
Posted By: Muurder
would be nice to add links to dependencies ...just for the fun of it :)
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-11-07
How can I get rid of the
How can I get rid of the -700 ? I only need to see the numbers :) Thx alot for this addon.
File: Personal Sentry02-26-07
This is good news :) as I was looki...
Posted By: Muurder
This is good news :) as I was looking for an addon to replace Combat Sentry Gizmo , I can't w8 to get home and test it. how is going on resources cost? ps: there is room for graphic improvements just take a pick on CSG pls :) http://media5.curse-gaming.com/images/previews/7159/combatsentrygizmo-a-few-random-encounters.jpg
File: Nameplates Modifier02-18-07
problem solved ...I didn't know bli...
Posted By: Muurder
problem solved ...I didn't know blizz put some extra options in "interface options" :) thx
File: Nameplates Modifier02-17-07
I have border hiden from options....
Posted By: Muurder
I have border hiden from options. still no castbar for me ...could interfer with eCastingbar?
File: Nameplates Modifier02-16-07
I get no cast bars
Posted By: Muurder
castbars doesn't show for me, although option is checked. any hint?
File: VendorValues02-01-07
Re: VendorValues 1.4.0
Posted By: Muurder
Originally posted by Naexus Hi Saeris, Thx for the update. I just installed VendorValues version 1.4.0, and I'm sorry to inform you that I still get chatter on the "hidden" global chat channel. I also keep getting the message "You are not in a guild". That's right, I'm not in a guild (yet), but I don't need the game to remind me...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-26-06
Posted By: Muurder
I was expecting for a long time. Thx for tacking your time to work on it, well done. Still there's more work to do to get it in TitanQuest shape, but well done! :) Loocking forward for updates.
File: FuBar 3.6.502-16-06
Great job on resources!
Posted By: Muurder
I finaly installed them, no errors and very light on my PC resources :) Now. I have a comment\request to make. Would be much better to have transparency, font size, spacing and clock added in the default Boss panel, so they wont react when using spacing? And I miss Titan Quest along with Titan BG :p Thx
File: FuBar 3.6.502-15-06
does this realy worth the effort, I...
Posted By: Muurder
does this realy worth the effort, I mean, is there any point on redoing what titan curently do? what's the resources percent it saves comparing it to titan?
File: ClearFont202-01-06
honestly ...what does it do? can't...
Posted By: Muurder
honestly ...what does it do? can't see any difference.