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File: pMinimap12-19-09
Buff Icons moved from Top Right.
Posted By: Blu3screen
Love the map mod, however I don't keep it in the top right corner, instead I like it in the bottom left. After 3.3 came out it defaulted the mini map to the top left corner and moved all my buffs/debuffs to the left a bit. Now I can't seem to get them back over to the right after moving the map to the bottom right. Any suggestions? I...
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen08-07-09
Originally posted by Papphatt Any...
Posted By: Blu3screen
Originally posted by Papphatt Anyone else getting lots of oUFAsym errors after 3.2? Would like to know how make them go away :P same here :( I love this UI, and it's going to suck having to change it.
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen03-10-09
Re: Something else, where I do need some input 1,2,3...
Posted By: Blu3screen
Originally posted by Dawn Something else, where I do need some input: 1.) How much do you liked the panels behind chatframes and minimap? 2.) How much do you like the way chatframes minimize? Do you need it at all ? 3.) What would you like more, chatframes that minimize or a panel behind chatframes that only fade out (like...
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen03-09-09
Aggro Warning on Unit frame borders
Posted By: Blu3screen
This UI is great, I love it; don't see myself going with anything else EVER!!! Awsome work Dawn. The only thing it seems to be lacking is some way to display Aggro on the unit frames. I was trying to setup KGpanels to change the border to have a red tint when I or another member of party/raid has aggro. I haven't had much luck wi...