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File: Vendorizer10-16-10
Nice addon, having similar issue
Posted By: samrad
Hey! This addon looks great, and something i would love to use. I'm getting the same error as the other guy below: "dragging an item to the buy/sell areas added by this mod simply asks me if I am sure if I want to destroy that item" I tried turning off all other addons but that didn't help, its like dragging something there...
File: Tidy Plates: Link Theme07-07-09
nice stuff!
Posted By: samrad
Nice skin! Works great for me. Did this work for you Bhal? I was making the mistake of sticking it in the TidyPlates folder instead of the root addon folder ... even though on the main page it does correctly say addons folder. oops! :o Originally posted by danltiger Hey Bhal - I'd updated this (and Tidy Plates). I'm hoping...
File: FogBG03-09-09
Originally posted by devilduck19...
Posted By: samrad
Originally posted by devilduck19 I have my spell detail maxed. I can see the fog. Its just that the fog doesnt take up that much of the chat box I've found if you make your chat window taller, it'll show more glowy stuff. guessing it does the glowy stuff as a percent of the window size or something