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File: Ackis Recipe List03-21-09
Posted By: IXBillyXI
Is there a reason why the interface menu gets wider when I have this addon running? I had all addons disabled but this one and the interface menu looked like THIS...... http://i399.photobucket.com/albums/pp72/IXBillyXI/WoWScrnShot_032109_135238.jpg
File: WinterTime03-13-09
The only problem I have with the Ki...
Posted By: IXBillyXI
The only problem I have with the Kills and Honor thing is when I first login I can see the kills and honor while NOT in wintergrasp. After I enter wintergrasp the box drops down and the kill and honr are being tracked. When I leave wintergrasp the box slides up the kills and honor goes away. When I log back in they show up again.
File: Cellular03-12-09
Side Buttons
Posted By: IXBillyXI
Sorry if this has already been said but I didn't see it. Would it be possible for you to change the buttons to be attached to either the bottom or top of the window depending where the editbox shows up? I suggest this because I like to keep my window small but the buttons run-off the sides when it's small.