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File: Altz UI for Legion02-04-13
Free bag slots
Posted By: jabtra
I just found your UI yesterday and installed it. It has everything I'm looking for except for one small thing that I miss. It needs a way to show total free space left in your bags without having to open your bags.
File: RealUI10-22-11
Adibags vs arkinventory
Posted By: jabtra
Have you looked at using Adibags vs Arkinventory. Adibags doesn't seem to use a much resources as Ark and has a better layout. If you use Equipment manager, Adi will show your armor sets by themselves and has many other filters built in. Just a suggestion. :)
File: RealUI08-23-11
REALUI and Zygor
Posted By: jabtra
With the newest update of zygor, i found that i lose my buff bar at the top of the screen. I verified this with a fresh install of realui which worked great, but as soon as i install zygor guides, the buffs disappear. Just a heads up for you zygor users like me :)
File: RealUI06-05-10
Buttons around mini map
Posted By: jabtra
I found RealUI a week ago and fell in love with it. I use to use nUI. The one thing i miss is nUI had a bar that placed all the mini map buttons into it instead of around map. Is there a feature like that in RealUI and if not can you add it.
File: RealUI05-31-10
money display
Posted By: jabtra
i miss my money display. how hard would it be to add it to the bottom of the screen next to status display?