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File: Raid Ready Light04-23-09
Re: Modifying automatic features
Posted By: Karatheya
Originally posted by superdx ically I just want to control when I am actually not ready (meaning I have to go bio or feed the cat) then I can set it not ready. Otherwise, I am *always* ready... Implemented in 0.19, thanks for the suggestion.
File: tomQuest204-19-09
LDB text not active on login
Posted By: Karatheya
Using r113, the LDB text (the done/total/max bit) is not visible on login or UI reload. If I go into the options and toggle any of the three checkboxes for the LDB text on or off, the text appears correctly and stays that way until I logout. I'm using DockingStation (though I don't think that's the issue due to the way in which...
File: Raid Ready Light04-05-09
Doubled up Tooltips on Docking Station
Posted By: Karatheya
If you're seeing the LDB tooltip doubled up, with the same content repeated twice, please add a comment here including which display manager you're using. I had thought it was a bug in my code, but indications are that it's specific to DockingStation, as the issue does not seem to occur with NinjaPanel. If you are experiencing th...
File: DockingStation (Display)04-05-09
Doubled up Tooltips
Posted By: Karatheya
The only addon I am experiencing problems with is my own (Raid Ready Light). It also uses LibQTip. I'm not sure if it's of use in diagnosing, but I have two frames that use the same tooltip. I added some debugging code, and I get two OnEnter calls to the tooltip when I mouse over the LDB widget, but only one OnEnter when I mouse...