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File: DockingStation (Display)04-04-09
Re: Tooltips
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Originally posted by Reddreaver I'm getting blank tooltips as xtoq is describing (but not the double tooltips or other problems some people are reporting). It appears to be a conflict with LunarSphere. Someone has posted a comment to this effect on the LS page as well. Disabling FluidFrames had no effect for me either. Same...
File: Multishot (Screenshot)04-04-09
Originally posted by Jerricka How...
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Originally posted by Jerricka How do you turn off the bosskil shots? It's annoying to freeze up whenever I kill one, has crashed me twice now and I need to turn it off when raiding. This is a very late response, but I'd like to add it anyway. According to Brajana at NoStockUI, you can turn off boss kill screenshots by editing...
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)03-21-09
I just wanted to say - awesome UI!...
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I just wanted to say - awesome UI! I'm using a 1280x800 screen resolution, and it works perfectly :D. The only thing I had to change was the font size and adjusting the player portrait, which was very easy to do. Thanks! :banana: