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File: MiirGui Texture Pack - Grey05-23-13
Re: Re: 5.3 error upon login
Posted By: SubtleGlow
For that one, you could try to delete That does get rid of the errors when entering combat. I'm sure in a few days the rest of the stuff will get sorted out. :) Thank you so much for the quick response - very much appreciated.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack - Grey05-22-13
5.3 error upon login
Posted By: SubtleGlow
Hi - thank you for the updates! My UI is so ugly without these textures. :D Wanted to let you know, since I didn't see anyone else mention yet, that I am getting this error message when I login. This happens with both the grey and the blue texture packs (I tried them each separately): Message: Interface\AddOns\miirGui\on_lo...
File: ◘ MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue] ◘03-18-13
Re: Re: Font color fix?
Posted By: SubtleGlow
here is a dirty fix: open miirgui\core.lua and comment from line 176 to 207 Thank you! This worked perfectly.
File: ◘ MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue] ◘03-12-13
Font color fix?
Posted By: SubtleGlow
Thanks to everyone who posted fixes for the icon and for the parchment background. I do still receive the lua error but it's easily ignored. I wish I had the first clue on how to correct the font colors so they are readable, and if there is any additional information I can post to help figure it out and get it sorted I will be ha...