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File: PerfectRaid_QuickHealth05-09-09
Re: Re: Sync
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Originally posted by Cladhaire I am not sure what you mean. This addon is an addon for PerfectRaid, it does nothing by itself. What I was asking was if it acted like Instant Health used to, updating the health bars in the mods like Grid, PerfectRaid, and Healbot a little faster because it used the combat log, been looking for...
File: PerfectRaid_QuickHealth04-26-09
Posted By: ILoveChicken
Just wondering if this addon stacks with others like PerfectRaid (i.e. Grid or Healbot) Thanks, love your addons :D
File: TomTom03-22-09
Gatherer Compatibility
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Just wondering if this mod could be modified to work with gatherer to create a possible farming route (didn't know if this has been addressed in a past post, didin't feel like reading 1,307 comments :p) Thanks, ILoveChicken