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File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank10-31-10
Problems with Multiple Accounts
Posted By: DrDemon6661
First off, Great UI!.... But.... I have a problem with multiple accounts in the WTF file. My Primary loads with no problems (all four toons), the second is a completely different story. I tried, initially, just to /reflux switch Carbon. No luck. :eek: I then attempted to start fresh and copy/paste new folders. No luck, the WTF k...
File: LUI v302-05-10
LUI & Galtar Amalgam For v3
Posted By: DrDemon6661
Just want to say GJ on this UI! Your work is VASTLY appreciated!!!! I really like the Styling that Galtar used for his version .... no.... I LOVE IT!!! Will that version be available in v3 for Screen resolutions 1680x1050 as well? God I hope so... I'm drooling in anticipation!!!!:banana::banana::banana::D