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File: QueTip02-17-13
Is this tremendous addon really dead?
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
Is there any chance someone (Slakah?) will update this AddOn to current version? EDIT: seems there is only one most influencing change in API: GetQuestLogLeaderBoard() now returns type = "log". According to WowWiki: The type "log" was added sometime around patch 3.3.0, and seems to have replaced many instances of "event"....
File: LightHeaded07-03-12
Crash report
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
Hi! For a few days the same behavior as reported 4-20: the frame shows up but it can't load any of the quest data according to the debug (attached below). Out of date addons is on, all modules enabled. Any idea what happened? Regards   Gregor Date: 2012-07-03 23:12:59 ID: 57 Error occured in: Global Count: 1...
File: QueTip08-12-09
Thanx for update. I'm not exaggera...
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
Thanx for update. I'm not exaggerating when I claim I literally can't play WoW without QueTip. Now... I can continue my little big WoW adventure. :D :D :D :D :D
File: QueTip08-10-09
Update to 3.2
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
Any... er... update to 3.2, or is this add-on (very useful, BTW) completly unsupported?
File: FlightMap04-28-09
Ping Dhask...
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
Hello, Dhask, R U still supporting this addon? There are many complaints about some errors, patch 3.1 released long ago, and there is still no new version. As for me I'd like to introduce quite new problem: all flight locations magically disappeared from main map after patch 3.1. So far I've discovered no collision with other addo...
File: Auctionator04-08-09
Auctionator suggestions
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
Hi Zirco! I see that recently You were remodelling interface for creating multiple auctions. Great idea, it was improvement me and my friends were waiting for! I have some suggestions that may make this interface more user friendly: Add +/- (up/down) buttons to both numerical fields, with automatic recalculation of the other f...
File: InfoPanel03-23-09
Hearthstone location
Posted By: Gregor_WoW
It would be quite helpful if there is hearthstone binding location specified in Zone section. Or in new section. :)