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File: Cowmonster's CombatMeters12-27-11
Hehe, Yeah. Don't shoot the messeng...
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Hehe, Yeah. Don't shoot the messenger :p I personally like setting its position in lua and never worry about it again. Really see no need to move it around. However, I guess most people like this so I would just edit the lua and set movable to false :) You could add a movable true/false to the "config" though if you would :) as w...
File: Cowmonster's CombatMeters12-26-11
Top of the main lua file sound like...
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Top of the main lua file sound like a good place to you? It will take a little bit to replace the static values all over the lua file with the config variables, but that seems like a very reasonable request. If it all works out well I may add an in-game config to do it. Now the smooth health are you referring to the refresh rate...
File: Cowmonster's CombatMeters12-26-11
Add a small LUA only configuration...
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Add a small LUA only configuration to change: Size Barsize Texture Border Position Smoothhealth on/off Hide in/out of combat And this will be the addon I most certainly will use. These settings can be altered through the LUA already, but gathering them would be simpler for the common person.
File: Aurora06-28-11
Originally posted by Haleth Versi...
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Originally posted by Haleth Version 3.0 is here. Don't try using it if you're not on patch 4.2 yet because it's not backwards compatible. You can now delete every folder in the 'Interface' folder (apart from 'AddOns' of course), because it's no longer needed for Aurora. Screenshots will be updated later. Enjoy. :) What...
File: Aurora05-20-11
Originally posted by Haleth nButt...
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Originally posted by Haleth nButtons doesn't do this afaik, and implementing something like oGlow would be go beyond the point of the addon of skinning the original frames. You can simply download oGlow, find how it creates the border texture and change it to 1-pixel. I did that already. However I just think it fits with the...
File: Aurora05-19-11
Can you take a look at addons like...
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Can you take a look at addons like nButtons and oGlow and maybe attempt to try and skin icons borders with their quality color?
File: PlateBuffs05-04-11
Originally posted by JediJesseS Y...
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Originally posted by JediJesseS You can do that yourself already. Set debuffs and buffs to never show, and then in "Specific Spells" turn on only the spells you are interested in seeing. Can I turn on dispellable only like that? *edit* As in buff type.
File: PlateBuffs05-02-11
Can you add an option to only show...
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Can you add an option to only show dispellable buffs that your class can dispell? So a priest would only see magic buffs. And/or vital buffs like iceblock/bubble/etc. Would be really helpfull in pvp.
File: amk_archaeologyoverlay03-13-11
Great Idea. Is it possible to do...
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Great Idea. Is it possible to do the same for quest blobs?
File: Juked02-19-11
Sometimes in BG's I get an error (a...
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Sometimes in BG's I get an error (a nil value) on v from this line bar.duration=30
File: Aurora02-18-11
If possible can you skin the button...
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If possible can you skin the buttons from the DBM options panel? Atm they are just invisible and can be really annoying to notice. *edit* Same problem with buttons for readycheck, lfg check, BG check, etc etc.
File: m_ActionBars02-10-11
m_ActionBars: fixed hotkeys sometim...
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m_ActionBars: fixed hotkeys sometimes not working after talent switch I see you fixed this issue, I scanned through the code several times and tested everything, never figured out why this happened and why so rarely. What was it?
File: m_ActionBars02-03-11
Keybinding problem happened again f...
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Keybinding problem happened again for me today, after several spec changes suddenly the keybindings stopped working and I had to reload the UI. Not sure if it is related to bindpad, but it shouldn't be. Will test more.
File: m_Map02-02-11
Originally posted by iReactionz h...
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Originally posted by iReactionz hoping this gets updated eventually, kinda getting on my nerves with the lag i get when ever i open the map after a hour or two of playing the game. it doesnt matter where im at itll lagg till i reload the UI and i dont want to keep reloading my UI every hour or two. I have the same problem. I c...
File: sThreatMeter201-31-11
Is there a way to get a notificatio...
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Is there a way to get a notification if I gain aggro as a NON tank? (Sound or bar turning red or whatever) And where is TPS?
File: rRaidFlare01-28-11
Re: Re: Taint
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Originally posted by zork Well if the default UI does cause taint then everything else will do aswell. What helps is to add a new condition if inCombatLockdown() then return end Did a lot of heroics today. Only got a few taints. They appear if :Hide() (line 218) is triggered and inCombatLockdown() is already in place. Mo...
File: rRaidFlare01-27-11
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I haven't tested your addon yet but I looked through the code and it uses the exact same method as m_actionbars to click the marker button. However no matter what I do, even clicking the marker normally via the raidframe thingy I get a tainted execution path error. Any ideas?
File: m_ActionBars01-27-11
Great update, though some things ke...
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Great update, though some things keep happening to me. - Changing spec as priest often stops the keybinding from working (a reloadui fixes it) - Using the raid world markers results in a blocked event because of a tainted execution path,etc.
File: m_ActionBars01-02-11
Re: Re: question?
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- Changing specs often fucks up keybindings (Not running your modules). - Even though I disable the extra bars, they keep popping back up after reloadui or a zone change.
File: bActionbars12-27-10
I always used to use your actionbar...
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I always used to use your actionbars and set their position in stone (ignore the movebars, etc) Is it possible for you to add x and y values to the config at the top? Also, the frames are not centering their anchor when in rows. So if I put bar 1 with 2 rows, which is default "BOTTOM", 0, 50. Then only the left side of that bar is...
File: Stupid Cash Flow12-21-10
Thank siku. The memory usage wasn'...
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Thank siku. The memory usage wasn't the issue, I just didn't want this tiny feature as an extra add-on and just wanted to add it to a core add-on I had that fixes small things like these, and thus I wanted it light and only with the feature/setting I needed.
File: Stupid Cash Flow12-21-10
I tried stripping it down to not us...
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I tried stripping it down to not use any options or libs. (Just be mode 3 and no way to change it except in lua) but I keep failing. Can you paste a quick code example that would do that_
File: bActionbars10-28-10
If you enter a vehicle from a steal...
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If you enter a vehicle from a stealth-ed state the bar never returns to normal after you've exited the vehicle, it's just blank.
File: oUF_Nivea10-17-10
Update on the blizz raidframe remov...
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Update on the blizz raidframe removal. CompactRaidFrameManager:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide() CompactRaidFrameContainer:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide()
File: rActionButtonStyler10-15-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 4.0.1 combatibilty fix
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Originally posted by zork The new version is out. rActionBarStyler has been updated aswell. What's new, because mine works fine.