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File: MaoR UI09-22-17
Re: ?? Text
Posted By: Chilayse
HI yj368413, How can I remove the question marks :confused:, find your UI really cool and would like to continue using it :D Which question marks are you finding? Aside from that one configuration window I can't figure out what it's for I've not found many question marks.
File: MaoR UI08-26-17
Happy birthday! This is a great ui...
Posted By: Chilayse
Happy birthday! This is a great ui. I was curious, what is the file that tells me when someone that is my friend joins a dungeon in the top left corner? This one here: https://i.gyazo.com/0b0159ddc16985f06e048bfab6e36594.png I was translating parts of this for myself, but I do not know which file that one is?
File: ls: UI06-07-17
I will wait anxiously, and thank yo...
Posted By: Chilayse
I will wait anxiously, and thank you very much for the UI! :):):):):):banana: Thanks :D P.S. It's 4am T_T Hopefully, I'll get few hours of sleep till I have to go back to work T_T Thank you for maintaining and continuing to improve this UI and take care of your health!! if we have to wait another week for new features it's b...
File: Prankstars Elegant UI09-10-16
Oh this looks wonderful! I'll have...
Posted By: Chilayse
Oh this looks wonderful! I'll have to try it out today. It reminds me a bit of a UI I played with back in wrath (AltUI (Blizzart) which has been abandoned since early Cataclysm) in that it makes excellent use of blizzard style art to make a UI that fits with WoW instead of pixelfont. Quick question though, is there anything here...
File: 1990 — Retro Shader + UI08-22-16
Argh, you make me want to figure ou...
Posted By: Chilayse
Argh, you make me want to figure out how to make WoW addons to ask you if i could continue this, it's such a charming and wonderful idea. I have a high end pc with 1080i monitor but larger monitor doesn't mean easier to see or visually appealing. If you do get time to work on it, I'll be cheering you on too.
File: ls: UI08-04-16
class colored unitframes
Posted By: Chilayse
I'm just reporting that the code you offered back last year or so of health.colorClass = true in line #68 of the player.lua still works perfectly! I was wondering if you were planning on adding that as an option someday?
File: ccBags07-19-16
Obviously the patch produced a slew...
Posted By: Chilayse
Obviously the patch produced a slew of errors, but I wanted to say that I find this to be an awesome addon, especially for my friends that hate total ui changes. I can't wait to recommend it more widely. I do hope you continue to work on it.
File: majBar03-20-16
Oh wow you updated it! i tried to u...
Posted By: Chilayse
Oh wow you updated it! i tried to update it for my own use but it REALLY didn't work out too well. (It refused to throw an lua error for me to try to fix. and my knowledge is very very rudimentary.) This has always been one of my favorite action bar setups because it's not stuck in the center in a tiny thing and doesn't waste space w...
File: nMainbar03-02-15
Hi! Nice addon. I'm considering usi...
Posted By: Chilayse
Hi! Nice addon. I'm considering using it but I don't really like the button design. Is there an option to toggle those fat button borders off?Unfortunately not (at least not through an option). This addon is a part of a compilation where those borders are an integral part. If they're comfortable with the LUA they could edit th...
File: ls: UI11-21-14
Loving this addon. So light weight....
Posted By: Chilayse
Loving this addon. So light weight. Thank you for making it! Just a few questions. I can't figure out how to add a 3rd bar, or resize the minimap. The three bars in the center are the main bar and then the first two bars in blizzard's action bar settings. the ones on the side are the normal side ones. Minimap resizing would b...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-17-14
It's saying your UI has been put on...
Posted By: Chilayse
It's saying your UI has been put on hold again.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-08-13
When this will be available to down...
Posted By: Chilayse
When this will be available to download :< When he finishes recoding it without elv code. See the commentary below. I'm personally excited to see what this will become.
File: Neav UI06-24-13
hi , is it possible to make the add...
Posted By: Chilayse
hi , is it possible to make the addon to auto-sell-gray items & auto-repairs? I thought the addon did that like ages ago, but now i recently came back to the game and it doesn't do it anymore? or was I using another UI lol.I'm a bit reluctant to add it, seeing as there's already a bunch of addons that are specifically made for this,...
File: ChatLoot02-04-13
Posted By: Chilayse
This is one of the addons I recommend to people who don't really use addons, simply because it's so common sense and useful. Thank you!
File: BasicUI04-11-12
Posted By: Chilayse
The option to hide the time on the map is very handy. Now I was playing around with the options just because I can, and tossed the data bar on the top. It does some pretty strange things to the UI: 1. You can't see target of target. 2. The boss fight health bar ends up in the minimap. 3. it runs off the edges of the screen. No...
File: BasicUI04-01-12
Posted By: Chilayse
I'm glad to see you got this working and up here! I did try it out when you first put it in your signature from github and I'm suprised at how far it's come. One addon I added to it to make my life easier was ipopbar, which does work seamlessly with your UI. I did raid using clique on my raid frames in lfr as a healer, and I...
File: ButgerStijl UI (Guild Wars 2)01-30-12
This UI is just fantastic! I like t...
Posted By: Chilayse
This UI is just fantastic! I like that it's not taking up all my screen but still not pixelfont hard to read stuff for my poor tired eyes. Do you have any future changes planned for it or are you happy as it is now?
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]09-15-11
I adore this texture pack and I'm d...
Posted By: Chilayse
I adore this texture pack and I'm downloading today's update as I leave this comment, since I didn't see it in the change log. Rare enemy unit frames are still blizzard's default. I noticed this on my baby warrior running around silverpine yesterday evening. Thank you for all your hard work!
File: cData05-24-11
Not a problem on the 3 bars, I can...
Posted By: Chilayse
Not a problem on the 3 bars, I can see what you mean with it when I started playing with the old one. However, when I tried to use the micromenu module I'm coming up with an error. Interface\AddOns\nData\modules\micromenu.lua:28: :SetText(): Font not set Time: 05/24/11 12:06:25 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `Set...
File: cData05-23-11
First off I do like this, and it's...
Posted By: Chilayse
First off I do like this, and it's a wonderful addition to my Neav UI + other addons that I've been working with. I commented to say, I would like the DPS/HPS actually. Is there any way to put that as one stat, where it'll show whichever is highest? I have 3 healers and 4 dps characters and I was thinking about if this would be...
File: Malsumis® Font Changer06-09-09
Am I correct in assuming that this...
Posted By: Chilayse
Am I correct in assuming that this little program just takes care of the renaming and such of the fonts in the fonts folder(much like many compilations have a fonts folder) and it doesn't actually modify anything? It looks like a dream come true but I want to make sure I'm not going to get in trouble, you know?
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen05-02-09
Someone asked me for help on this c...
Posted By: Chilayse
Someone asked me for help on this compilation and configuring it to their needs, and I thought you might appreciate knowing that I only had to resize the chat boxes. Everything else scaled perfectly on my screen. I'm running 1280x1024. This is a beautiful UI.
File: Auctionator03-26-09
I saw your comment on Wowinsider a...
Posted By: Chilayse
I saw your comment on Wowinsider a few days back about your addon, so I came over here to try it out. It beats Auctioneer hands down. Thank you for making such a wonderful add on!! Yes, it doesn't have as many features, but I wasn't using most of those features anyway.