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File: PredatorArchy05-06-11
I get the following error when logg...
Posted By: Spiritfire
I get the following error when logging on: Date: 2011-05-06 17:46:06 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\PredatorArchy\core.lua line 415: attempt to index upvalue 'PredatorArchyArtifacts' (a nil value) Debug: : ? PredatorArchy\core.lua:415: UpdateArtifactWindow() PredatorArchy\core.lua:6...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-27-11
Originally posted by totalpackage...
Posted By: Spiritfire
Originally posted by totalpackage Just an update that I am still working on Stuf on PTR and addressed everyone's issues. I'm still getting the bossframe error issue I listed earlier. same exact error. (EDIT) I've just disabled every addon I have except for stuf and this is the error I get when trying to access the Boss 1 sect...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-26-11
Error message for boss frame config window
Posted By: Spiritfire
When I try to go to the boss frame config on the options window, I get the following error: Date: 2011-04-26 15:02:03 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Stuf_Options\options.lua line 1051: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? Stuf_Options\options.lua:1051: S...
File: Equipped Average Item Level Tooltip04-22-11
Originally posted by Cowmonster T...
Posted By: Spiritfire
Originally posted by Cowmonster Thanks for the detailed error information. I have posted an update that I think (hope) will eliminate this problem. The file for download is still 1.1.3. I double checked and the file you have up is still identical to the last one.
File: LazyArch04-04-11
Posted By: Spiritfire
I like the look of the addon, but haven't downloaded it yet because of one small detail. Can you set an option please letting us determine the level of artifact to use keystones on, or an option to let us specify when to use keystones instead of always using them? I'd rather not use keystones on common items, but only on rare or ep...
File: QuestGuru12-12-10
Re: Another mass reply
Posted By: Spiritfire
Originally posted by mrobrian Completing quests from the tracker, while possible, is not always highly noticeable. I am considering making my tracker just a modification of Blizzard's (to look as close to my current one as possible) that way all of their crazy stuff will work just fine. If I may make a suggestion? While I wou...
File: GatherSage210-20-10
I'm working on fixing it. Got it m...
Posted By: Spiritfire
I'm working on fixing it. Got it most of the way done now. Will post a continuation soon with the fixes for 4.0.1
File: TitanBG10-17-10
I'm aware that it's broken.
Posted By: Spiritfire
Aside from the obvious changes to currency, which I've had no problem adapting the addon to, there was a change in GetPVPYesterdayStats that I'm having problems with. I'm pretty sure it's a bug on Blizzard's part and not intended, because I can't see the behavior of this function changing. Before, the function used to return 2...
File: QuestGuru06-23-10
Error trying to link quests to chat
Posted By: Spiritfire
When trying to link a quest into chat, I get the following error. Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua line 563: attempt to index global 'ChatFrameEditBox' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? : ? QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua:563: QGT_QuestWatchButton_OnClick()...
File: broker-cashflow04-21-10
Have a major issue today. Yesterda...
Posted By: Spiritfire
Have a major issue today. Yesterday I spent 65g, but this morning when I logged in, Broker_Cashflow said I had spent 8850g yesterday. it looks like when it wrote out the variable, somewhere a variable got crossed with another. the amount it said I spent yesterday was the actual amount I started with.
File: SquawkAndAwe03-26-10
Just a suggestion, what about addin...
Posted By: Spiritfire
Just a suggestion, what about adding a bar for the Blessing of the Moon Goddess proc from the Idol of Lunar Fury, or procs from other idols? Currently I had to make a custom spell bar for IceHUD for this, but it would be nice to be able to have that in SAA instead.
File: Bagnon Armory03-11-10
Originally posted by Tuller Noted...
Posted By: Spiritfire
Originally posted by Tuller Noted, will fix when I get home :P I did a quick temp fix bypassing the check with this: local function CanUseArmory() return Armory:HasInventory(); end I know it's not proper, but it let me use the addon for now until a real fix is in place.
File: Bagnon Armory03-10-10
Got this message today. I installe...
Posted By: Spiritfire
Got this message today. I installed Combuctor and Bagnon_Armory for the first time. The error happens the first time my mouse hovers over the money on the bags. Date: 2010-03-10 18:55:45 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Bagnon_Armory\ArmoryBagnon.lua line 15: attempt to compare number with stri...
File: Armory12-22-09
Strange Tooltip behaivior
Posted By: Spiritfire
Since 3.3 patch and the update to armory, I've been seeing something weird in my tooltips. Sometimes, just after showing the counts of an item in the tooltip, the right side of the tooltip that shows the breakdown of where items are (bags, bank, etc) will "scroll" off to the side and vanish, and never come back. It's getting really...
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)08-15-09
Simple fix for mouseover error and info
Posted By: Spiritfire
Find line 294: PetXPBar_TP = GetPetTalentPoints(); Replace it with this: PetXPBar_TP = GetUnspentTalentPoints(0,1,_);
File: FilterTradeSkill08-01-05
Interferes with Autocraft
Posted By: Spiritfire
With this mod activated, the modified buttons "Queue All","Queue", and "Queue Everything" do not show up and the default buttons are there instead. I'd love to use this mod, but I need the functionality of AutoCraft more right now. If you can fix this issue I'd love this mod. --Spiritfire Honor and Glory, Lightbringer, Horde...