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File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)03-18-13
5.2 - Affliction warlock shards should always allow 4 now
Posted By: Evenprimes
Hi there, the warlock glyph that allowed 4 shards in affliction was removed in 5.2 and we now default to having 4 shards. If you could squeeze that update in sometime that would be great. Love this layout, thanks for all your hard work! Edit: Looks like you fixed this in 5.33. Excellent and thanks! :banana::banana::banana:
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)09-27-12
Alternate power bars?
Posted By: Evenprimes
Not sure if I'm missing something, but on vehicle quests with an alternate power bar I have to disable oUF to see the power bar. Is there a setting I'm missing?
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-14-10
Glyph of Death Coil bug
Posted By: Evenprimes
This is an inscription bug on the version that was available on 10/13. There are 2 "Glyph of Death Coil" in the game, 1 DK, 1 Warlock. When I filter down to just the lock glyphs and queue up a GoDC to be made, it still tries to make the DK glyph. I have to unload the mod and make 1 in the default ui. (Three cheers for ACP!)
File: ArkInventory06-14-10
Originally posted by arkayenro pr...
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Originally posted by arkayenro press C to bring up the characrter page, click on the currency tab, click on the currency you want to display, click on display on backpack. once you have one displaying you can just click on them them in the status bar instead to bring up that window. Sweet! Thank you! :)
File: ArkInventory06-04-10
Display token counts in status bar?
Posted By: Evenprimes
On the project home page (http://code.google.com/p/arkinventory/) there is a screen shot that has token counts displayed next to the empty bag slots. I can't find that option anywhere! How do I enable that? Thanks! PS: AI is awesome! I almost can't play the game anymore without it! :)
File: Power Auras Classic04-25-10
Aura based on time left, can't figure this out!
Posted By: Evenprimes
Ok, the wiki says I should be able to add a condition based on tine left for a buff and I just can't figure out how! From http://powerauras.wikispaces.com/To+Do+List Show when time left < defined limit Hide While time > defined limit I'm using the current (as of April 25, 2010, v3.0.0E_30300) release. So, what I want to...
File: Chinchilla Minimap03-27-10
Originally posted by Everglow ]...
Posted By: Evenprimes
Originally posted by Everglow ] In the Blizzard options, under objectives, check Advanced Objectives Tracking At least as of 3.3.3 this option seems to not be there. I'm stuck with the quest tracker frame attached to the lower side of the mini-map.
File: ArkInventory03-23-10
Originally posted by Keyzer I jus...
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Originally posted by Keyzer I just updated to 3.2.39. My inventory got the same category's set up as before, but my bank have lost everything. Do I have to make independent rules for my bank and my inventory? Nope, go into the config and set your bank display to be the same as your bags.
File: QuestClicks09-02-09
Quantity display bug
Posted By: Evenprimes
When collecting/using quest items, the quantity display correctly goes from no count displayed to 2 or more items, however when using items, the display sticks at 2 even when only 1 item remains in inventory. This is pretty easy to see doing the new horde dailies for the raptor out of Ungoro. I don't know if it matters, but I d...