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File: Tidy Plates11-11-15
Would it be possible to fix disappe...
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Would it be possible to fix disappearing casting bars? If the cast starts and you move your camera away even for a moment and the name plate hides the current cast bar will be lost and it wont show, it isn't a problem for short casts but for fights like Gorefiend Mythic this addon is just broken. PS any chance to add cast timers l...
File: Elkano's BuffBars10-30-15
Hi there, Is there a way to use...
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Hi there, Is there a way to use a different color for "timeless" auras? I liked it very much in CT Buff Mod the auras with no time, like mount auras, presences, guild champion, etc simply showed in green color, so we were able to separate the temp buffs from auras very easily. I found only "Full bars for timeless" option, but...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update10-10-14
When will there be an update for 6....
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When will there be an update for 6.0? Yes there will be :D It's a pretty easy fix, just a bit of new spells for totems. Before 6.0 goes live? :) Absolutely! 11/13 right? Nah! 6.0 hits at 10/15, less than a week. I'll be most pleased if I could test a working version of threat plates in the beta/ptr for now.
File: eCastingBar11-26-12
Any chance of update with the missi...
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Any chance of update with the missing vehicle style castbar? Like Amber Shaper monstrosity's casts or the Wild type of seeds that you should interrupt at Sunsong Ranch.
File: Icetip (MoP Beta)08-03-12
Also, to use or change a glyph on i...
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Also, to use or change a glyph on its book forces to shut down the addon.
File: Icetip (MoP Beta)07-30-12
Everytime, I turn on this beta vers...
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Everytime, I turn on this beta version of Icetip on the addon list in wow beta (15913), I get an instant crash (so I can't provide lua error log): This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #0 (0x85100000) Assertion failure! Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft Beta\WoW-64.exe ProcessID: 5436 F...
File: Mingy01-13-12
With the newest (v1.1b) version the...
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With the newest (v1.1b) version the game completely freezes when trying to complete the repeateble quest: "More Irradiated Crystal Shards" on the Bloodmist Isle zone. By originally you used to pick up one of the three not sellable item but on the 2nd page of quest (with the rewards) does not show up - instead the client freezes and y...
File: TargetCheck11-07-10
Thanks a lot for the update, Dust!
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Thanks a lot for the update, Dust!
File: pMinimap (Cataclysm)09-15-10
Re: Re: nodes
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Originally posted by p3lim If it works, why aren't you using it? Even though he has shown absence it doesnt mean hes quit developing. Example: I havent updated pMinimap for 13 months until now :p Since most of the key features do not work. And since I can't reach the developer since months on any wow addon sites, so I though...
File: pMinimap (Cataclysm)09-13-10
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hey there, it looks a nice and clear view of the minimap. I currently use another square mmap addon named Mappy however the author seems to be inactive since April. Mappy has several key features so I cant just threw out. Would you integrate those that pMiminap misses please? So I can make a change. -Double sized and flashing...
File: m_ActionBars09-08-10
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hello, quick question: What is that Unitframe addon you used on those screenshots please?
File: Tidy Plates Beta09-06-10
threat plates
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Hello! I'm not sure if this beta version is for 'Cata beta' but tried it out aswell since the original release does not working in the beta. However this version has the same problem: Threat Plates doesn't mind at all if I set the default theme to anything (grey, neon or even threat) it just uses its very default whatever I try to s...
File: Power Auras Classic06-08-09
Hey, I made an announce for Rend a...
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Hey, I made an announce for Rend ability "Show when not active" and "Only in combat" but when I play as a tank, I dont want that announce at all. Is there a way to set it out somehow (eg: "only in Battle Stance") rather than turning the addon completely off while I playing as tank?
File: EventHorizon04-01-09
Is it a bug or working as intended?...
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Is it a bug or working as intended? Sometimes I have to change forms from Shadow to norm and back. Actually yesterday my friend asked me to help leveling and I just wanted to shut down eventhorizon. Instead of logout/turnoff the addon I've used /ehz command to toggle it off but it automatically re-enables itself when I change forms....
File: EventHorizon03-30-09
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Hey! I play a SP these days and I found this addon really helpful to maintain dot uptime and things. The only one I missing is the possibility of resizing. I play on a big wide screen and in this case I can barely see your addon in the game. Additionally I would suggest you to do this more flexible to let people hide/remove or add...